Pee on a Beloved Stuffed Animal

Updated on May 12, 2010
J.M. asks from Framingham, MA
14 answers

My son's diaper leaked last night, and whew, does one of his best little stuffed sleeping buddies STINK like urine. I know that stuffed animals can often be washed on the gentle cycle, but this one is stuffed with little bead type things and I'm worried they'll get ruined or expand in the machine. Other than the machine washing route, any ideas to de-stinkify the little friend?

Thanks for the help!

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answers from Boston on

My daughter's beloved Tigger has beans in the bottom and I wash him every week in the washer. I put it in a lingere bag and wash with a normal load and dry in the dryer. I was afraid of the beans melting but I have done this for months now and it's as good as new. Good luck.

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answers from Portland on

I wash ALL our stuffies all the time (daughter has allergies), and even the ones with the poly pellets are ok to machine wash and dry. Just use the medium or low setting to dry them and let the cycle run a little longer than usual.



answers from Springfield on

We use a product called Bio-Clean Bac Out that's a great enzyme cleaner. You can get it at Whole Foods. Works great on those "natural" spills and stains. You could pre-spray with this and then follow the others advice about washing in a pillow case on gentle. White vinegar would also work well.



answers from Atlanta on

My oldest has a frog that is stuffed with little bead like things, and we've washed it many, many times (including a few when he had been peed on)! It should be fine. You could try an upholstery cleaner like Resolve if you really don't want to wash it.



answers from Phoenix on

I wash all of my daycare's stuffed animals, especially when we've had an outbreak of something big and bad. Even though urine is sterile, it's not something you want to spot clean from a toy your child will be cuddling, kissing, chewing on. I would just put it in a pillowcase, knotted on top, and wash it on a gentle cycle-slow spin with gentle detergent. The pillow case is more to protect your washer in case it pops a seam and the suffing leaks out. Skip the dryer and let it air dry. Any repairs can be done when it's dry. Good luck!



answers from Redding on

Washing it in a pillow case with some vinegar added to the water should do the trick.
Drying it in the pillow case helps keep the beads from getting banged up.
You can wash it by hand in the sink, but you'll still need to spin the water out of it.

I think washing it will be okay.

Good luck!



answers from Johnson City on

i have washed my kids in the washer before and never had a problem but i also wash with strictly cold water the hot water to the washer isnt even turned on at the valve and i alwats dry on low you could try that



answers from Boston on

Use one of those at home dry cleaning products, you put it in a bag, and just follow the directions, or you can just spray some Arm & Hammer just for pet odors carpet cleaner on the stuffed animal, hand wash it in warm water then, hang it oustide to dry & airout, put it in the dryer for 10 minutes on delicate with nice scented dryer sheet ( Fabreeze Lavender ) it smells wonderful, and Lavender helps children relax...Just something to add*** I have tried so many of those fragrance Laundry detergents ( I am Yankee Candle girl.( Lemon Lavender tea light candles ( $9.99.) for 12. you get a choice, highly sented, and you can burn on for a light scent or more for JUST HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS. They burn for 41/2 hours.but recently I have bought a Bath & Body works Chamimile Lavender soy / oil, $10.00 12 oz, and always check to make sure to check labels for unleaded wicks. I am a candle crazy person, tested them all. These tow candes are the best. ( Also lilac is coming out soon. Treat youself, and learn to take care of you, because if you are always putting yourself last, I am 44, it catches up with you. Remember if you are relaxed and Happy so are your children..


answers from Dallas on

Don't worry about the beads. My daughter is obsessed with webkinz and they have those beads. I've washed them in a pillowcase lots of times with no issue. It's the only way to get the yucky urine out that I know of and it works.


answers from Raleigh on

I understand your pain! My son has "Dirty Mickey". He will not go anywhere or sleep without him (even at 3 and a half), and Dirty Mickey definitely lives up to his name most of the time. We have washed him though, and always put him in either a lingerie bag or a pillow case for his washing/low tumble drying.

Good luck! I know how horrifying it is the first time you do it (all I could think about was "oh my gosh what if this thing gets ruined..."), but it will come out fine in the end! :)



answers from Hartford on

Believe it or not there is a website called or something like that. They sell products for getting urine out of mattresses floors etc... I bought something when my cat objected to the new baby and decided to take it out on my finished basement floor.



answers from Nashville on

I agree, washing machine is fine. I have washed the bead stuffed animals before. The beads in them are hard plastic, so they shouldn't expand or anything. I even dry mine on low or medium heat and have never had a problem.

If you want to try something else first, maybe surface wash in with white vinegar and put it out in the sun for a day or two. Sun will clean things naturally sometimes. Good luck!



answers from Portland on

Mix up some baking soda and water, submerge and gently squeeze/wash the little guy, wring out gently and let air dry. :)



answers from Santa Barbara on

I wash all my dog's stuffed toys...they smell like doggy. I throw them in the dryer, but that usually does not dry them all the way.

PS my kid never liked stuffed toys, so the dog ended up with them.