Pediatrician Who Accepts Medicaid

Updated on September 03, 2010
R. asks from Plano, TX
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Greetings Ladies,

I have a friend who just got divorced and lost her insurance and her kids are on Medicaid. The pediatrician she had dropped her because he doesn't accept Medicaid. One of her children has severe asthma. I have referred her to a pulmonologist who takes Medicaid to treat the asthma. However, if anyone knows of a pediatrician who takes Medicaid in the Plano area, I would appreciate your input, especially if that pediatrician has a stong background in asthma treatment.

Thanks mamas!

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She should have been given a book of providers as soon as she was accepted on the insurance. The book should list them by location.



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Check with Hector Hidalgo, with Trinity Pediatrics in Plano. He takes just about everything. And, he is an absolutely TOP NOTCH pediatrician.



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Symed Ahmad, MD on 15th street, Plano Tx. I worked with this man for 5 years when we both were in Amarillo, Tx. He is excellent. He also runs a Minor ER clinic. I am a Cancer Registrar and researcher for 40 years and worked for him both part time and full time. He will take extra time with you as a patient and person. He taught me allot a pediactrics.
D. Kay Munday, CTR



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The Plano Children's Medical Clininc was set up specifically for these type of situations. The docs that volunteer there are some of the best in Collin County. Their web site is:

Plano Children's Medical Clinic
1407 E. 14th Street
Plano, TX 75074
[email protected]



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Well, our doctor is not in Plano, but he's excellent, and I'm pretty sure he takes Medicaid. His office is in The Colony off Main St/423 and North Colony Drive. Tell your friend to give him a call.
William Paruolo (all "his" kids call him Dr. Bill)



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A few years ago my husband lost his job and I was self-employed and our only choice for insurance was through Medicare.

At that time I found a great pediatrician who I have stuck with even though I have had great insurance for the past two years.

I use Dr. Azra Jagani, but Dr. Hussain is also very good. They have offices in Allen on McDermott east of 75 and in Frisco at Centennial Hospital.

contact info:

Frisco (Jagani): ###-###-####
Allen (Hussain): sorry I don't have this number, but if it is closer you can get the number from the Frisco office.

The Frisco office is only open five days a week, but only until noon on Fridays. The Allen office is open six days a week.



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Plano Children's Medical Center in Plano accepts Medicaid.

Plano Children’s Medical Clinic: ###-###-####

Very nice people. For awhile I was laid off and went here. The doctor's are very nice.

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