Pediatrician in Frisco

Updated on May 20, 2010
K.M. asks from The Colony, TX
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Okay mommies I need a little help. My husband lost his job therefore we lost our insurance :( cobra was waaaay to expensive. Anyway I'm pregnant with my second child and have a 21/2 year old daughter. We live in the frisco area and would loooove to find a wonderful personable pediatrician that would also make rounds at baylor in frisco. The only thing they nEed to accept medicaid. :/ thank you so much!

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know if your willing to go a little further to Plano (Dallas tollway and Parker) but our pediattrician is Julie Messner. The office is pediatric specialist of Plano. Don't know if she takes Medicaid but she does come to Baylor in frisco. That's where I delivered. The # is ###-###-####. She is so nurturing and loving! Give them a call. Good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

Ok well I know of the best pedi but they are located in Irving off of 635 and MacArthur. But seriously she is the best. She has seen both of my girls from newborns to current ages 3 and 5. I have recently moved to Arizona and currently fly to Texas for a doctors visit when they need to go to the doctors for shots, check ups and etc because I love the doctor and her staff. I am currently pregnant and will have her as my doctor for my newcomer even though I live in Arizona. She noticed things about my children that two other doctors never noticed. She has a passion and do not treat you like you are on government assistance. She offers you free meds, machines you may need, samples of formulas so you dont waste if your dealing with allergies in a baby and etc. She really takes the time to answer questions and make sure you are ok. Her name is Dr. Edenhoffer and her clinic is called Kids Klinic.



answers from Indianapolis on

Your best bet is to call Medicaid directly and see who's accepting new patients. That's one of the biggest issues in our area with Medicaid - patients are getting covered, but no one locally is accepting new patients, so people are having to travel over an hour to be seen.

You can also check the American Academy of Pediatric's website to get the names of local pediatricians ( and then make calls to see who may be accepting new Medicaid patients.

Good luck - this is one of the parts of health care reform that was never put into perspective. As many people as will be receiving health insurance, there aren't enough doctors to see them all.



answers from Dallas on

This is not a fun search, I know!

Try the site search

But keep in mind these are not just primary care physicians - many on the list just work with patients in the hospital, so you will need to call and ask if they are a primary care physician, and if the are accepting Medicaid patients right night. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Physicians for Children at Preston and Hedgcoxe accepts Medicaid, and they are very nice. It is a nice office as well. They have a sick waiting room and a well-visit waiting room. Best of luck to you. I know how hard this can be.

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