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Updated on October 06, 2008
W.S. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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It's time for my son to have his first dental visit, and our pediatrician strongly recommends a pediatric dentist over a family dentist.

The problem I've having is that none of his recommended dentists are on our plan. So, ladies, I'm asking if any of you have any feedback on the following pediatric dentists:

Lauren Governale
Robert Stephens
Jerry Klein
James Bennett
Gloria Galvez
Ann Friendman
Francisco Jimenez
Enas Al-Khadra

Thank you in advance!

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answers from Miami on

I do have advice on Ann Friedman. If this is the Dentist. She belongs to an office in Boca Raton. I use to drive all the way from Fort Lauderdale. Great place, very kid friendly, great staff. I remember I took my son there for the first time and they had him take a picture with a huge tooth to reassure him and to welcome him to the "Big Tooth Fan Club". The office caters to both adults and children. There are also orthodontics in the same office. They also schedule for saturdays. The pediatric section of the office caters to the kids decoratively and intellectually. There is games to keep them occupied in the waiting room and the chairs, wall decoration, even the tools they use will not scare the kids.

When it is my son's or daughter's birthday they always send a card. For halloween they rent out the theater in Deerfield Beach, FL and invite all the kids to come dressed in their costume where the get a pick of movie thy want to watch, they get free popcorn and it is all around fun time. Some of the perks to belonging to this group. It's been a while because my insurance changed but I would have never left. My kids always look forward to going.



answers from Boca Raton on

My kids love Dr. Annie Friedman who has a lovely office and great staff. My favorite thing is that there is a great orthodontist in her office too so it is one stop shopping. For example, when the braces come off you go straight in for a teeth cleaning in the same appointment!



answers from Miami on

I used Bennett and left as fast as I could. I am a working mother (I teach) and heard he had hours on Saturday. Our first appointment was on a Saturday morning. He seemed nice and the office staff seemed friendly. (Notice the word "seemed". He informed me that my daughter had two cavities on her baby teeth that needed to be filled immediately. I thought it was odd that they needed to be filled immediately as one was on her front tooth that would end up falling out two months later. I went to the desk to check out and asked for another Saturday appointment. I was told "absolutely not;" the dentist wanted us to be there by 9 during the week. I explained that it really was impossible for me to be there that early since I have work and I am unable to work partial days. The receptionist went to the dentist and came back informing me that he "didn't care" (yes those were his words) and I would be there with my daughter by 9 or she wouldn't be treated. I left without making an appointment. We called our insurance company and other dentists. We would have been able to go to another dentist but would've needed the x-rays. The office refused to let them leave the office. We left repeated calls to the dentist for two weeks and none were returned. My husband and I realized we were held hostage to this dentist and he took off part of the day (with no pay) to have the fillings done.

Because of our insurance covering a visit every 6 months, we thought we would have time to look for another pediatric dentist. Two months later we had another issue with our daughter. One of her bottom teeth was coming in and pushing out two other teeth. She was in a tremedous amount of pain and constantly bleeding. I called up the dentist and asked if I should be concerned. The receptionist put me on hold and came back 5 minutes later. She told me that I am to be at the office at 1. I told her that I was unable to as that I was home recovering from surgery and unable to drive (I was 2 weeks out from a open hysterectomy). She told me that it wasn't an emergency then and hung up on me.

I called an orthodontist that I knew and he agreed to see my daughter as a consult without going through the inusrance company. He said that her jaw was small and that 4 teeth really needed to come out to make room for the teeth that were coming in. He called the insurance company and they agreed that this would require the wait to see a dentist. He recommended Mindy Brodsky. She was not in my insurance book, but when I called up I found she accepts most plans. She works out of another dentist's office two days a week, but she has her own child-friendly waiting room and examining rooms. I have not been more pleased. She saw my daughter was apprehensive and made her feel extremely special. At the initial consultation she asked me what my daughter liked (in terms of characters) and I told her Hannah Montana. My husband took our daughter to have the teeth pulled (I am a big chicken) and Dr. Mindy had two Hannah Montana books for our daughter. My daughter left the office smiling and loves going back to Dr. Mindy for her check ups. The office is extremely caring.
We did have one emergency about 9 months ago when she fell and split her mouth open. I called the office and even though Dr. Mindy was not in, the adult dentist told us to bring her right in. He examined her and the office would not let us leave until they secured us with an appointment with an oral surgeon. The office then called us the next day to follow up and said that Dr. Mindy was in and wanted to take a look. We went and had no problems. Her office sometimes comes up in Wellington but she is in Coral Springs. The number is ###-###-####. You have nothing to lose, but a phone call.



answers from Miami on

Dr Ann Friedman - we travel from Ft Lauderdale to see her - I highly recommend her and that office in general!

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