Pediatric Dentist in Brevard Co or Orlando Area?

Updated on February 02, 2009
E.A. asks from Cocoa, FL
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I am looking for a child friendly dentist in Brevard Co or Orlando areas that can extract teeth on a three year old. Here is the background info: my DD was born at 31 weeks in 2005. She was exclusively breastfed when we brought her home from the NICU (after 17 days). When she started on solids around 7-8 months, it was all natural homemade food in addition to breastmilk. She continued BFing until 3 years old. She never had juice in a bottle or formula outside of the stuff they mixed with breastmilk in the NICU, had healthy diet (as far as possible in this area...) but still managed to develop severe tooth decay (we believe it to be genetic and somewhat nutritional based decay). Two of her top front teeth decayed to the gum line and the other two front teeth have severe decay. She was not in pain until this morning (Sunday, of course when everything is closed), and now I am looking for a great dentist that won't strap her down and give her a narcotic cocktail and is in our insurance network.

Does anyone have info on the following dentists?
J.J. Sotto in Merritt Island
O.O. Aina in Rockledge
L.B. Taylor on Lake Underhill in Orlando

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So What Happened?

Oh, how I wish Dr Troy King was on our insurance! I have a friend who takes her kids there and only has wonderful things to say! I blogged about the whole experience at
But the short version is: I went to the only oral surgeon in the area that is okay with pulling teeth from anyone under seven years old: it was Dr Robert Burns, Jr in Melbourne ( We talked about the options - either scheduled sedation (yuck, stress), or just get in there and pull them right now with a bit of lidocaine. Luckily, my Mom (whom my DD loves!) went with us and, since I am way to pregnant to have anyone on my lap, she sat in the dentist chair holding my DD while the Dr pulled the teeth in under a minute! Yes, it was scary and there was much screaming, but we went to Viera for ice cream straight after and all seemed better.

Thanks to all who responded!

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I recommend Dr. Troy King as well. My 18 month old had an accidental fall and knocked out both her front teeth. I was freaking out and frantically calling pediatric dentists. Dr. King actually answered his phone on a weekend and calmed me down. We have been going there since. She is 3 years old now and he is wonderful with her.



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I have heard that Dr. Hardeman in Celebrations is wonderful with kids. I dont have his phone no but he is easy to fin.



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Dr. Troy King in Oviedo is wonderful. He is in a new, expanded office off SR 434 and Alafaya Woods road. ###-###-####. His practice is only for kids and the dental chairs are all kid sized. On our 1st visit when my daughter was 2 1/2, I sat knee-to-knee with the hygienist and then with Dr. King while my daughter lay her head on their lap, but could see my face the whole time. After that she was fine sitting in the chair and has never had a bad experience there. Dr. King has a new partner, Dr. Donald, but I have not met him. I would drive out of my way to take my child to Dr. King. Good luck.



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We have a good friend that went to dental school with dh that is a fantastic pediatric dentist. Here is his info:

He is in practice with another pedo dentist but I can't remember his name off the top of my head. King maybe?

Just a question-does/did she co-sleep and breastfeed during the night? That can be a cause of decay. Just as if she slept with a bottle in her mouth. I'm a co-sleeping/breastfeeding mommy but now that my little one is getting teeth I have to make sure I stay awake to take her off the breast so her teeth aren't being bathed in the milk sugars all night.


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Try calling the local County Health Clinic (Pediatric) and ask if they have a dental clinic, I have these three going to St. John's County in St. Augustine, I have to pay the highest rate on the sliding scale but that is STILL so much less than the normal Ped Docs! The entire staff is geared to kidz and they take GREAT care with your little ones. I hope they can help in your area. They do not take dental insurance here though, that would be your only drawback IF you have one available there.




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I suggest Dr.Bertot at Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida.###-###-#### 1650 Maitland Ave., Maitland,Fl.32751. The people there are wonderful. My daughter had to have a cap put on one of her teeth when she was 4.

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