Pediasure Allergy?

Updated on December 19, 2011
S.V. asks from Anaheim, CA
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Hi mamas! My son is allergic to peanuts and has a low egg allergy. We had him tested 2years ago. I picked him up from school yesterday and he looked normal. Got home and gave him his usual milk and pediasure mixed drink. About 15 minutes later his face looks red so I take him in the restroom and he has hives all over his face, arms and legs. I have been giving him pediasure for over 2 years no problems. His school knows about his allergies and said he didn't eat any of his snack. Took him to urgent care and they said it was some type of allergic reaction to something he ate and it is usually from something he recently ate. Has anyone else had an all of a sudden allergic reaction to something they have eaten/drank daily but now can't?? Or had problems with pediasure? He doesn't have a a soy or milk allergy as of the tests done previously. Thanks

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My granddaughter had a reaction to Curly Fries the first time she had them. I would not do them again but my daughter didn't worry about it. She let her eat them whenever they were around. So it seems that it may have been something else that was going on at the same time as the Curly Fries. I would say that he may have reacted to something else. One can develop an allergy at any time to anything. So I would test this theory. Give a little milk. Wait. Give a little pediasure several hours later, see if one or the other causes a reaction at all.

Keep the eppipen and some benadryl close at hand just in case though.

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answers from Los Angeles on

my oldest had the flu and the dr recommended pediasure and he had an allergic reaction and became dehydrated over night and ended up in the hosp for 6 days. It's scary but just take it slow and easy I have found that things always seem to get better with time.



answers from Honolulu on

Read the ingredient list, on the Pediasure bottle.

Pediasure, has protein in it as well as fiber etc.
So, what is the protein source, in the Pediasure??
You might want to check the ingredient, label.

Or, it was something that he touched or ate, at about the same time as the Pediasure.
What was for snack at school? With peanut allergies for example, some people will even get affected by the smell of it or the dust or by touching something that a previous person touched with a hand that had peanut residue on it.

But also, people can get allergic to anything, even if they had previously had no problem eating before. It has happened to many people I know. And to my daughter too, who is allergic to Kiwi fruit.


answers from Houston on

My son had a similar reaction to KFC mashed potatoes, although it wasn't all over his body, just his upper arms and face, red, a little swollen, watery eyes and some hives. It really freaked us out. Weird thing is, he has never had a reaction to anything before or since, and he has had their mashed potatoes since too, but we waited about a year before giving him a little sample. That's all I can think of! I hope you all figure out what it possibly was.

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