Updated on April 24, 2009
M.L. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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Does pedialyte fill a baby up like formula does? My baby has a stomach bug and I was told by his pediatrician to give him pedialyte for 24 hours and then formula after that. But he seems so much more fussy now, like he's hungry. I just wasn't sure if it filled them up the same or not.

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So What Happened?

Well, my son is four months so popcicles wouldn't work. :-) His pediatrician had said to put him on pedialyte ONLY for 24 hours and then start him back up on formula, he had a stomach bug. I was asking if it filled them up the same as formula because he was alot more fussy like he was starving, since the 24 hours of pedialyte he has been eating his formula perfectly and consuming more than usual I think to make up for that 24 hours. :-) Thanks for all your responses.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Yes, but like water it doesn't stay with them as long and they drink more often.



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I'm not sure about formula feeding. When my son got a stomach virus, we were told nothing but breastmilk on demand AND pedialyte, not instead of. We just weren't supposed to give any solids. The second day we could give just an ounce of cereal or jarred purees before bed.
I think he'd be hungry:(



answers from Dayton on

They make pedialyte popsicles (not sure if your son is old enough yet) and they make dissolving strips (like listerine mouth strips) too. Maybe you could do those and then he would drink the formula.

They sell them both at CVS.

Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

You little one doesn't feel good so he is going to be fussy. The pedialyte is to hydrate, which is the most important thing at this point. When you are allowed to start giving your baby formula again and he is feeling better he will go back to his normal self. GOOD LUCK!!



answers from Indianapolis on

It won't fill him up like the formula does but if he may not be able to keep it down anyway. I would try it for 24 hours and give him lots of extra loving for his fussiness. Hope this helps...I have a 5-year old and he has had to be on pedialyte when he was younger.



answers from Fort Wayne on

No, Pedialyte won't fill him up. It's too keep him hydrated. Also formula can sour his stomach and make him sick. When my daughter got the flu as an infant, her doc told us we could water down her formula. I would use twice the amount of water. It helped her tummy sort of ease back into the formula. You can give as much Pedialyte as he wants or needs. It will just run right through him! You can also put plain water in his bottle. Hopefully he feels better soon!



answers from Evansville on

No, it does not fill them up like formula at all. When my little girl has been on it, she's constantly hungry. It's to keep them from hydrated so they are supposed to drink lots of it.

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