Peanut Free Restaurants

Updated on June 21, 2008
T.M. asks from Garland, TX
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we just found out my son is allergic to all nuts, peanuts as well as tree nuts. how do i find out what restaurants are nut free. I do know that chick-fil-a uses peanut oil when they cook.

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I have 3 children with multiple potentially fatal food allergies. The peanut oil used at chick-fil-a has been heated so high that there is no peanut protein left to be allergic to. Chick-fil-a is fine for a peanut allergy.

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I dont know about restaurants but if you go to Whole Foods and tell them your allergy they will print you out a grocery list of all foods that do not contain your allergen. I have used this for my son it is great also the list works at other stores as well. You are not forced to only shop at whole foods. good luck

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Our friends daughter has food allergies (egg/peanut) and restaurants have even sent the chef out from the kitchen to talk with us about alternatives. There are great resources out there for kids with allergies. A good one is this site:

Check it out...and if you have more questions, jot me a message and I can give you my friends email (she has researched a bunch about food allergies...her daughter has a special little medic bracelet and stuff. She could tell you where she got everything).

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I would try to find a local allergy support group. They would probably have the best information for you on which restaurants are generally safe. My nephew has severe peanut allergies, so I know how difficult it can be to keep his world peanut free. People have no idea how easy it is to be exposed to peanuts. -jm

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My daughter is almost four and is allergic to nuts. I don't think you'll find any restaurants that are nut-free.

When we go out, we just explain that my daughter has a life-threatening allergy to nuts and stress that we need to be sure any food she has a) isn't cooked with nuts and b) doesn't touch something else cooked with nuts. You will learn what is safe and what might be an issue.

Sometimes the waiter/waitress would go to the back and check, and other times they'd say it was not an issue. If the restaurant gave us bread, we'd always check for nuts or seeds and would give her crackers or something else instead if we had any doubts.

ALWAYS carry your epi-pen with you. We have never had to use it, but it's better to have it with you than to be caught without it, since timing in administering it is critical.

Some of the restaurants where my daughter has eaten include:

TGI Fridays
Mi Cocina
Macaroni Grill
Dickey's BBQ
Cafe Laredo
India Palace
McCormick Schmick

We've avoided places like Pei Wei and other Chinese restaurants as well as Thai places just because more dishes include nuts.

Hope this helps.


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