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Updated on February 08, 2010
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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My friend just found out her son may have a peanut allergy. The boy is almost 5 and has eaten many peanut products and peanut butter through out his life. Does it just pop up like that and one day you wake up allergic to something? Seems a little odd to me.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, my nephew at 6 became allergic to peanuts and eggs almost overnight. He made it to that age eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and eggs. So, yes, it can happen.

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answers from Portland on

Yeah, it can happen overnight. Odds are that there were symptoms before, but weren't significant enough to be of great notice. Peanuts are the most allergenic of all the nuts because they grow underground and are more likely to be contaminated with molds. Cashew or almond butter may be a good alternative to satisfy that protein craving.

You also say "may" have a peanut allergy without mentioning specific symptoms. Not all peanut butters are created equal, so that may be a consideration. Products like Skippy are mixed with hydrogenated oils which prevent separation at room temperature, but are horribly difficult for the body to process (this is the stuff that clogs arteries). Better to go with a peanut butter that just contains peanuts and perhaps a touch of salt.

It's also possible that he's reacting to dough conditioners in the bread, other additives, or a combination. Consider the possibility of a gi imbalance causing a reaction, especially if he's been on antibiotics recently.


answers from Boston on

One thing I wanted to say is that this is your friends son and you may not know the details of what problems he has been having that he ended up being tested for allergies. We knew my son may have allergies around 2-3 and had him tested to find he has a small list of allergies including peanuts, peas (they are related) many plants/trees.grass and dog silvia (how is that one!) Peanuts make his mouth hurt and dog spit makes him break out in hives.
Your friend may not have told you he has been having health issues and this is the end sons reactions to peanuts are mild, he can be around them, play with them just not Eat them, and then Benadryl works in moments. but others have much worse reactions and have to be watched very carefully. We still have to have an Epi-Pen with the nurse at school, along with Benadryl as the Epi-Pen is required.



answers from Austin on

Food allergies can happen at any time. I have a friend that was driving home with KFC, eating a chicken leg, when her lips swelled up. What do you know, at 40 she developed an allergy to chicken. It happens.


answers from Hartford on

Allegies can pop up at any time -- even in adulthood.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi L.,

Yes, these types of reactions do just "pop" up. However...

Allergies to natural things are NOT natural. We have so many synthetic things in our lives that store up in our bodies and contraindicate just like pharmaceuticals (other synthetic chemicals) do that we almost don't have a fighting chance. When our body has been bombarded by pesticides, preservatives, fillers, antibiotics, hormones, etc our immune systems just start to shut down. Food allergies can go away but only once the immune system is functioning properly. I'm sure the KFC chicken allergythat Christy mentioned had nothing to do with the chicken but the steroids and carbon dioxide that were injected into the chickens at the farm.

There are ways to build the immune system. One is by good nutrition. I take an absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex. One is by removing the chemicals. It's easier than you just have to think before you eat or bring something into your home. My allergies are completely gone. I methodically removed the chemicals from my life and not only do I NOT have allergies but I don't get sick anymore. No one in my house does.

I hope you found this helpful and if your friend would like more information, please tell her to get in touch with me.





answers from Boston on

My friend's daughter has had a 50% reduction in her child's peanut allergy in the first year-and is awaiting this years test results this week.
I am not aware of how this allergy presents itself-but I would be happy to connect you (or your friend) to my friend. SHe is extremely happy with their allergy specialist and has mentioned he is one of the best in the peanut allergy field.
Happy to share info with you
J. H


answers from Boston on

Allergies present at different times and in different ways. The reason is, there are very few TRUE allergies to foods - the "allergic" reaction is actually based on either something in the trigger food (additives, chemicals) or something missing in the foods you eat (trace elements, phytonutrients, vitamins, etc.). So many of our foods are either over-processed or nutrient-deficient because they are grown too quickly (with fertilizers or hormones so they get to market sooner) or because they are grown in depleted soils. So there is something missing in the food item we eat, or something missing in the other foods we eat so we cannot process the first one.

An earlier post talked about peanuts as nuts, and suggested almonds as an alternative. The reason that may work is that peanuts are legumes, in the same family as beans and peas. Almonds, walnuts, cashews etc. are tree nuts.

That said, the previous post from Joanne H is absolutely correct - allergies can be reduced. A few peanut allergies reduce on their own (about 11%) but many of those relapse, so the true "recovery" spontaneous rate is much lower, about 4-5%. So specific nutritional actions need to be taken to ensure a gradual and permanent elimination.



answers from St. Cloud on

Food allergies can begin at any time, as can pet or other environmental allergies. Peanuts are highly allergenic and are difficult for many people to digest or tolerate. I feel badly for your friend. Peanut allergy is very frustrating and dangerous.



answers from Cincinnati on

sadly yes it can happen over night. my husband never had food allergies and all of a sudden he hit 37 and developed allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, avocado, turnips .... go figure

peanut allergies are very scary - there are a number of allergy studies going on where they slowly expose (under DIRECT supervision of doctor) the person to peanuts in order to build up a tolerance. you must read labels VERY carefully (~90% of candy is manufactured in a plant with nuts and A LOT of "non-nut" products are still manufactured in a plant with nuts - just read the labels)

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