Pea Pod Tent Worth The $$$?

Updated on April 29, 2011
N.F. asks from Reno, NV
5 answers

Going to be staying with family and my 2 and 1 year old need to sleep on the floor of our room. Both kids are too big for a pack n play. I have been eying the pea pod tents by kidco. But I have to wonder: are they THAT much better than a $20 tiny tent from Target? If so, why? Please weigh in! THANK YOU.

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answers from New York on

I have the Pea Pod. I used with my son when we was like 8 months when we went to visit my M. and he needed to sleep on the floor. I loved it and it was great for what we needed. As for your 2 yr old, i would recommend a kids blow up mattress. we have an aerobed for kids for our son. Its like $70 but worth about $700! I loooove it. We have used it sooo much. Its so durable, blow up and deflates really quickly. Best money we have ever spent on something for him, for sure. Enjoy your trip.


answers from Bloomington on

We just have my oldest sleep on the floor. We bought a Toy Story sleeping bag, so he was excited to sleep in it. You can lay with them until they fall asleep.



answers from Boston on

If I had to do it again, I would skip the pack n play and go right for the peapod tent. You probably don't need one for the two year old, but I do understand wanting to keep the one year old contained. We got one for our son and he did a "practice run" sleeping in it before we went away, and he did great. I loved that he couldn't get up and wander about in the middle of the night because you can zip them in from the outside.

If this is the only time that you'll be using it, it's probably not worth it and you could just have them sleep on some folded up towels or something, but if you're going to travel again before he's "bed sized," I thought it was a neat thing.

Good luck!


answers from Washington DC on

why do they need a tent? I would see if the family member you are staying with has a blow up mattress that you can lay on the floor. If you are looking for "containment" then I would suggest borrowing a crib or other item like that.

I NEVER had to worry about the "tents" - my kids are now 11 and 8 and we didn't have them....we had the "indoor" tents....but those were for fun!

Hope this helps!



answers from Naples on

I don't know anything about the pea pod tent, but my daughter who is 7 hd had a little pink Disney princess tent for about 6 years. I bought it for less than $20. @ Walmart and boy have we gotten our $$$ worth and then some! We travel a lot for my husband's business and spend tons of time at race tracks. When next to our trailer I set it up and she has a shady clean place to play, read or nap, when in the timing and scoring booth with me - the same. She doesn't really nap in it anymore, but I put a nap pad and pillow in there and she will lie in it to read. We have a very large Cinderella tent that I can actually stand up in, we use it EVERY time anyone sleeps over - they pile in and watch movies until they fall asleep. I have even used the smaller one at outdoor concerts @ the local theme park - it becomes the go to place for the kids looking for shade. I have also tossed it in the wash and then hung up to love love it, I would do it again in a second. I say....DO IT!

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