PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Updated on November 05, 2008
D.M. asks from Ottawa, KS
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Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome a little over a year ago. A couple of months ago they did some blood work and told me that I was not ovulating but I have been having some systoms that I had when I was pregant with my son and was wondering if I could be pregnant or if it's just from the PCOS. I have not had a period since the being of oct. I have had some pain in my lower belly. I have been very hungry ( which I was very hungrey during my first trimester when I was pregnant with my son) and I have been feeling very nauseated. Does anyone else who has PCOS have these systoms or could I be pregnant? I do plan on seeing my GYN to see what is going on but was wondering if anyone else has had this systoms.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone that responded! I just wanted to let everyone know that the systoms I was having was because I was pregnant! I am 9 weeks along now and every thing is going well, we are expecting out baby June 11th but the doctor will be doing a c-section so the baby will be here June 4th! we are so excited! Thank you all again for taking the time to write to me! God Bless you all!!!

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answers from Wichita on

I am 29 with a wonderful 6 year old little boy and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 and I have all the same symptoms that you do on a regular basis and my husband and I always think that I am pregnant. You can go and get a PG test and test, but don't be upset if you are not.

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answers from Wichita on

Everyone has had these symptoms! :)
I was diagnosed with PCOS a long time ago. We had to go to a reproductive endocrinologist who blew off the diagnosis. But, I have had pregnancy symptoms enough times to drive me crazy. I never knew if it was pcos, pms, wishful thinking or what. But, I to have been where you are.


answers from Kansas City on

Why don't you take a pregnancy test. They aren't expensive, they even used to have them at the dollar store. It would ease your mind until you see the doctor. Good luck and God Bless.



answers from Joplin on

PCOS can and does cause all of those symptoms and more. I had it from the time I was a teen ager. It got progressivley worse over the years.
(However, when in doubt .... ALWAYS check for pregnancy)

I was told I probably couldn't have children. I had three very healthy ones (and one very early miscarriage).

I was told pregnancy can sometimes "cure" this.
HA ! Right.

At nearly 50 years old, I finally had a total hysterectomy. You should have seen what my ovaries looked like ! What a mess !!
The hysterectomy was such a blessing in disguise. Wish I had done it years ago, so I wouldn't feel like I had lost so many years to constant pain, nausea, bloating, fatigue, constantly wondering if I was pregnant or if something was wrong, etc.
I feel SO good now !

Have a heart-to-heart with your GYN about what is available to help you. I feel so sorry for anyone still going through this. I know how it can ruin your life.



answers from Topeka on

I would just wait and see what you Gyn says. My friend Kerrie was diagnosed with a very severe case of PCOS and was told she would never have children of her own. Within 3 years of her diagnosis she had 2 beautiful children. I would just wait and see though.



answers from Columbia on

HI D.,
I was diagnosed w/ PCOS about 5 or 6 yrs ago. But I have almost every symptom of it. I do however think that you should take a PG test, ASAP. If it turns out + then I would contact your dr. I did get pg twice... the first time didn't end so well...
So I think just to be safe you should test yourself, and call your DR.
Good Luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I too have POCS and have had the same symptoms. I thought I was pregnant with my 4th this last month. My first kiddo was a surprise since I wasn't ovulating either. Our second took two years with fertility drugs, and our third was a surprise. So, you never know. I would absolutely check with your doc. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

I have had PCOS since I had my daughter 3years ago. I have a lot of stomach pains and have lately been feeling sick but my cycles are always off and I had to have blood work down to make sure I was not pregnant a few times since all the at home tests said no but my cycles said yes. I am not pregnant its all symptoms of my pcos, I hope it all works out in your favor, It has been a hard struggle for me and very depressing. Good Luck.



answers from Springfield on

I also have PCOS and don't remember ever having those kind of symptoms except maybe the excessive hunger feeling. I only do that if I haven't taken my meds (metformin, 500 mg twice a day & spironolactone 100 mg daily). I'm guessing it would be the metformin making me feel that way because it is a drug used for diabetes, therefore messes with insulin levels.

Do a home pregnancy test or get that doctor appt. made. :-)


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