Patio Bricks Are Would You Clean?

Updated on May 07, 2007
A.G. asks from Westminster, CA
4 answers

Our patio looks a little green (mossy or mildewy) just in front of our back door. How would you clean that?

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So What Happened?

Thank you to all who responded with advice. DH and I found something at Lowes that was non toxic. We scrubbed it in and 'ta da!' our patio brick looks great. Thanks again.

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High power water sprayer. You can rent the pressure sprayers at both Lowe's or Home Depot. They can be bought, but are a little expensive...renting is much more cost friendly and it works great. It also works great on cleaning fences, concrete and siding.

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get one of those things that screws onto the garden hose, it's like a container thing that is usually used to spray the yard with fertilizer or miracle grow or something. Well put BLEACH in there and then spray the bleach (mixed with the hose water) and it should come off. We have to do this with our bird bath occasionally.

I hope this made sense, ask your husband, haha

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The easiest way (and most environmentally friendly) is to use a high-powered sprayer (pressure washer)... however, not everyone has one (or is willing to shell out the bucks to get one), so another alternative is to use a diluted bleach solution on the mossy sections, but caution is advised as you don't want to damage any plants near the patio (or inadvertently make clothing "updates" due to splashing bleach!). Here are a couple of good articles about cleaning moss/mildew from bricks (same would apply for concrete): (scroll down to bottom for bleach info)

Oh, and I think Home Depot rents high-powered pressure washers, so you might check with them. It's cheaper than buying one and it will be sure to be more powerful than the low-end ones for sale.

Hope that helps!


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Power washer. Once you use one, you will buy one. It's amazing how clean your sidewalk, driveways and bricks can be. It's not even hard to use - my mother uses one on her deck and it's an amazing difference.

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