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Updated on September 12, 2013
S.H. asks from Santa Barbara, CA
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My son LOVES Minecraft and is turning 7 and has requested a minecraft party. So I have done a lot of research on pinterest and have ideas. Here is my question, do most kids like it? I happen to be inviting family with kids ranging from 4-10 year old and some classmates. I mean, if the party favor was minecraft related would that be offensive to some? I am not a spongebob fan and usually toss any party junk with that. so is minecraft another person's spongebob? I will be giving a pail and shovel with some papercraft (pink pig or wolf possible TNT paper cubes for kids i know are allowed to play).

So funny that several of my friends around the country are also having minecraft parties for their kids. It is not mainstream enough for Party City, but it is on esty and ebay. Also, super easy to just make the stuff yourself without paying extra for the brand. So I have papercarafted many of the creatures for the table and cake. I am thinking the kids will want them and be happy to see the paper craft (think japanese origami) in the bucket (already purchased for cheap). Basically should i omit the papercraft and just pail with some candy?

edit: The invitations are minecraft with info as to what will happen, swimming and dinner, so no minecraft activities. This was my compromise with my son (he is so easy to please). The cake will be in squares with cake for dirt, rice krispies for sand, and jello for water. It will be at a place with lifeguards and no computers (office or living room to play the game). My son has been play since pre-K, yet the creative mode. He has seen zombies and stuff now in survival mode, but not multi-player. Most kids like to watch the youtube clips and see stuff. The song parodies are cool. i wish I had a way to play the youtube videos, yet we will be at a community pool.

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answers from Chicago on

My son is 6, nearly 7 and has NEVER played it but still LOVES to watch gameplay videos on YouTube.

As a family we subscribe to a number of fun channels including science, museum, art, gaming and other topics that we enjoy watching together. My son would love to attend a Minecraft themed party.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son (10) hates Minecraft.
He has friends that love it.
That said, it's your sons party and if HE likes it--that's all that matters!

(I'm just not a fan of over the top, overly done "theme" parties.)
Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

I do cake decorating and have gotten several inquiries about Minecraft cakes. I worked a book fair preview at the school yesterday and about half the kids oohhed and ahhed over a Minecraft poster (boys and girls alike).

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answers from Phoenix on

Four of our kids play minecraft. My 12 year old step son is growing out of it but will occasionally play with his younger siblings to appease them or help them. The other 3 that play are 6.5 son, 9 son, and 10.5 stepdaughter. Lots of kids around here love minecraft. I'd go for it. I personally don't think it's an offensive game. They build houses, look for villages, etc.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't do party favors at all. I get tired of picking them up off the floor. They don't take them home and they don't really want them. This fad is useless.

I have kids that play Mine Craft. Let the parents know in the invitation because some parents don't let kids play it due to the violence of killing zombies. I don't mind it so much because the kids and hubby will play for hours on different devices. It's a lot of fun for them.

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answers from Chicago on

my grandson is 9 and loves it loves it loves it. and whether the other kids love or hate minecraft your son loves it. those who don't like the party favor are free to leave it for those who do. But I can't imagine anyone being rude enough to say I don't like your favors.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Most boys I know like Minecraft. I don't know about girls. However, any younger than 7 sounds a little young for it IMO. Well, my just turned 14-year-old just told me that there are younger kids on Minecraft. He said they are "eliminated" quickly. I don't know that I would be "offended," but I wouldn't be excited about my 4 or 5 year old bringing home Minecraft stuff and possibly encouraging them to play.

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answers from San Francisco on

It's your son's birthday, so you should base the theme on what HE likes and not worry about anyone else. If they (or their parents) don't like the favors they'll just toss them, no biggie.


answers from Milwaukee on

Minecraft is the most popular party and game out right now for girls and boys. Everyone will love it. The reason you don't find the stuff at Party City is because it's imported.

I'm in the same boat right now planning the Minecraft party for my soon to be 10 year old.


answers from Grand Forks on

My boys both love Minecraft, as do their friends.


answers from Washington DC on

who on earth would be offended?
i mean, i doubt the moms who hand out the spongebob stuff are checking your trash to see if you tossed it or not, right?
if someone comes to the party and isn't into minecraft, they'll enjoy the party and toss the favors.
no biggie.


answers from Santa Fe on

Every boy I know (and some girls) all LOVE sounds like a great party. Have fun!



answers from Las Vegas on

My son's 5th birthday party was last Saturday, and we did a Minecraft cake. It was actually square cupcakes (chocolate with green grass and white cake with white frosting for Sandstone, and blue jello), which worked great for serving, but was a pain for making (I did it all from scratch). We had a luau with a lot of water activities in the backyard, and the only thing Minecraft was the cake (and some of his presents from his friends). Of the 6 families there (about 15 kids total), about half of the kids were into Minecraft, the others hadn't heard of it. The ones that didn't know didn't care one way or the other. I would omit the papercraft if I were you, they won't do it there if they are wet and having fun at the party, and they probably won't do it at home either.

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