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Updated on January 14, 2011
T.W. asks from Miami, FL
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Hi MOMS!!!

I have a random question. Sooooo I graduate from college on May 7th and my birthday is April 29th. I am having 1 party to celebrate both occassions. I wanted to knoe some of your unique ideas for a theme. Please help!! I am tired of the hawaiian/tiki party, red carpet, 70's, , all white or black, or celebrity themed parties. I want something different. Any ideas?

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answers from Tampa on

I went to a "everyone wears their funniest T-Shirt" party. It was very fun reading all the T-Shirts and got everyone talking to each other.... Congrats and Happy Birthday!

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answers from Raleigh on

Do you have to have a theme? You could very easily create a color scheme (lime green, pink, yellow or turqoise, red, white, etc.) and just have all of your decorations around that. We had a baby shower for a friend, but created a "tea" instead of a traditional shower. We made tissue paper flowers (VERY in right now), used real flowers, and had a gorgeous color scheme. Honestly, it was one of the nicest showers I have ever been to. The same would work for your party. Hope this helps and good luck! :)

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answers from Stockton on

what are you field are you graduating from? Maybe you could do a theme based on that. Like if you are in nursing then everyone wears scrubs or something related to hospitals.

I wish I had some really great idea, but I am not that cool.... ;0( LOL

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answers from Sacramento on

There was just an article in our paper yesterday about a rise in charity-themed parties. You pick a charity and guests bring gifts to give to that charity. For instance, one picked an animal shelter and guests brought things the shelter needed, like food, blankets, etc.

Have fun!

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answers from Tampa on

Graduating from college is a big deal. I think I would have my party in the theme of the college I am graduating from if it were me. I would have cups, plates, napkins all representing the college. I would have a special graduation cake and a seperate birthday cake. Get a picture taken of you in your cap and gown and put it in a nice frame to put on the gift table. Balloons, streamers, go all out college style. You worked hard to graduate so celebrate your graduation. You have a birthday every year. Focus on that but do have a birthday cake on the table with the graduation cake. Congrats on your graduation coming up...



answers from Tampa on

Well your could do it from a favorite movie or time in your life since it is a celebration of you...
Balloon or Bubble parties are fun too (not just for kids either...or at least to me they are)
I am sure whatever you figure out will be great!



answers from Sarasota on

I liked the charity idea but to play off that maybe make it a casino party where people get so much play money a the door for $20 or whatever and then winners can get prizes but the money you make can go to a charity of your choice!
There are companies that specialize in this and bring all the games and dealers...Not really a birthday thing but it is different!



answers from Dallas on

Halloween in April... Pajama party... Dress up like the college mascot or in your school colors...



answers from Honolulu on

Well to me the "theme" is.... that you are a Graduate and it is your birthday.
You can have banners/decorations that say "Congratulations Graduate" AND "Happy Birthday"... and then have a color scheme.

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