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Updated on May 02, 2012
V.V. asks from Louisville, KY
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My kiddo loves Cars and Cars 2, so we're doing a Cars themed b-day party for him. Where have y'all found is the best place to get party supplies? I figured I'd order online. I'd like to do something creative, but this year am just not up for a lot of effort.

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answers from Charlotte on

Oriental Trading Company has party item in bulk for pretty cheap. You can also try ABC Distributing.

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answers from Knoxville on

Birthday Express ( also just about everything you could need for a nicely decorated birthday party. They have lots of Cars 2 packages. We've ordered from there plenty of times!



answers from Honolulu on
They have "Cars" themed party things.

My friend orders from here all the time.
Good nice stuff and the personalized things/luggage tags, are great quality. AND will not be thrown away like most goody bag junk.
I still use ours that we got from her kids' parties.

They also have great themes for party goods.



answers from New York on

You should go to I am never disappointed in them, and in just checking, they have so many party supplies and favors, decorations for the Disney Cars theme. They have a cool magazine attached to their site as well, where they give recipes and games, articles on featured themes. Very nice. Their prices seem to be the lowest on everything that I've checked. Have fun!


answers from Dallas on

I've had good experiences with Oriental Trading.

We have a US Toy store located nearby that is a lot like Oriental Trading as well. They do have online catalogs too.

Good luck.


answers from Tulsa on

Our Walmart has a huge selection of Cars/Cars 2 themed party supplies. They have 16 oz plastic reusable cups with different characters on it for less than a dollar each that would make a good party favor. They also have stickers, little toys, etc.



answers from Washington DC on

Don't go to Party City online. I had a heckuva time returning items that weren't "online only" (which means they can be returned only to their warehouse vs a store) but weren't always carried by the individual store. I finally mailed them back on their dime but not after taking them to one store and being scoffed at and calling another that had no clue.

I have had better luck with



answers from Las Vegas on

Williams Sonoma has cake pans and cookie cutters that are super cute, but it will require a little bit of effort. My son is 3 and loves the cookie cutters. I get suger cookie mix, roll out the dough, let him use the cookie cutters, then I bake and he decorates. Yes, it's messy, but oh so much fun.


answers from Asheville on

Thanks for asking this! One of my twin GIRLS is obsessed with both cars movies and Maters Tall Tales. She is begging for her half of their birthday to be cars, "with a red Lightning McQueen cake". (she has two pair of Cars pjs, slippers, gloves and most of her Christmas was Cars related! The other likes Dora.)

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