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Updated on January 18, 2011
C.R. asks from Fontana, CA
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Hello :) ok so my sons party isnt until june but im starting to plan it now! The place allows boxed drinks, water, chips, salsa pretty much anything just no hot food! So we are ordering pizza from them. What are great snacks to have? His theme is Disney Cars and where is a great cake place to get a cars cake? (great taste and great price) They dont allow ice cream :(

Also where do you guys get your decorations online or in a store? TY :)

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone! I have sams club card so we will probably get the cake there, i will look online for cute cars theme snacks, we will order pizza there and bring our own drinks(save a little money) I will also be going to walmart and party city for the disney cars plates and decorations! :-D

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answers from Houston on

I love getting decor and favors on etsy online!! I did a car party and my boys loved it.

I love those cupcake racecar holders!

if I don't have time to order online, I go to party city or something.

as for snacks, do a little cute veggie tray, fresh fruit and then the pizza and chips.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

IME, cupcakes are better for on-site parties. Sam's sells yummy cupcakes for very little AND you can pick out the little pick-type decorations for them. I'd bet they have Lightning McQueen ones (in fact, I think we had them O. year...)
Also, get the little ice cream cups from the grocery store. Much easier to keep in a cooler, no scooper needed, etc.
Chips, pretzels, drinks, pizza and cupcakes/ice cream seems pretty standard for a party....

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answers from Seattle on

I love party city for decorations, they are cheap and have alot to choose from. As for cakes, Costco always does a good job for us, again they can make what you want, and it is a good price.

Snacks to have, are pretzels, crackers, veggies, sandwich wraps so easy to make. Take a tortilla shell, spread cream cheese all over it, put meat, cheese and lettuce and roll, then cut into 2 inch rolls.

Go online and type in good snacks for kids and sure you will get lots of things.

Have fun!

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answers from Milwaukee on

look on ebay for cake pieces!! and then you just have to have a plain white cake. save a little money. snacks could be fruit snacks, fresh veggies or fruit!

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answers from Dallas on

I get great deals at Party City, and Party City online. If you sign up for their email alerts you get offers for at least 20% off and sometimes free shipping. As for snacks, you can always do popcorn, doritos, and other chips. That's what I would want at my party. I don't know if you have a Harris Teeter near you, but when I'm visiting family in DC we always get HT cakes. Their cheap and tasty. Or you can check craigslist. Here in Dallas, we have a lot of people that are trying to start their business so they offer deals on custom cakes.

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