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Updated on March 21, 2008
M.N. asks from Mount Tremper, NY
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I'm looking for party ideas and games for children ages 3 and up to 9. Also, if you have experience with hiring children's entertainment, I'd love to know what kinds of party entertainment you've had and if you were happy. I also want to know what you didn't like and why.

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answers from New York on

I'm a mom of 2 children: 6 and 3 and I've hired Joby & Sox who are a husband & wife clown-team. They are great and keep the kids entertained with Face painting, magic, baloon animals and more. My parties too have had a age gap and they've all enjoyed their entertainment.

I highly recommend them and I believe they perform regularly at the McDonalds in Westport. They can be found in the yellowpages or try google.

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answers from New York on

Go to If you have the time to search through the site, it's made up of thousands of ideas/suggestions that other parents have posted. I planned my son's last 3 Birthday parties using that site. It's time consuming to sort through everything, but there are some very creative people out there willing to share their amazing party ideas. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Syracuse on

The ideas are endless and they don't have to be over the top, I don't know what gender your kids are so I'll just throw out some ideas....princess/prince party(every one can come dressed up and be greeted with a crown, wand, sword...)a pajama party(even for day parties...not just sleep overs), a wet-n-wild party(swimsuits, sprinklers,wadding pools, slip-n-slides,water balloons), treasure hunt, upside down/backwards party(clothes put on upside down/ everything upside down or in reverse),storybook party(come as your fav character and can bring the book or a book as gift)...for games you can adapt all the oldies to fit the potato(could be h20 balloon, jewelry, get the idea) pin the tale on the donkey, relay races,musical chairs, and there are a ton of crafts available at Michael/AC Moore etc. The only things that truly bother me at birthday parties are when there is a generic thank you note in the goodie bag...the guest was thoughtful enough to go search for a gift be thoughtful enough to write a personal thank you...and depending on your theme the invite should be clear on to who is invited(bring sibs, parents please stay, drop off and pick up)that will keep the confusion to a minimum and you won't have extra kids and not enough to do/eat and you won't be stranded if you need more parental support(wet-n-wild)....all of these themes can be adapted to the appropriate age level...hope this helps...have fun!



answers from New York on

Hi M.,

We had grins n giggles for my daughters bday party and they were fantastic. They do characters and games, etc.
Giggles & Grins

926 Hempstead Tpke
Franklin Square, NY 11010
Get directions

Also, we hired a fantastic dj. Let me know if you would like his number. He played fun kids music and played games with the kids. Of course it depends on the venue as far as what type of entertainment you will need. :-)




answers from New York on

My cousin just had her daughters first birthday and she had a clown come in for an hour to entertain the kids. The clown started with music and dancing (hokey pokey, head-shoulders-knees and toes, ring around the rosie) then she did face painting and tatoos and then fun shaped balloons. It was $140 for the hour and the kids had a blast. I am not sure if the 9 year olds are too old for this but the little guys sure did love it.

If you want more info on the clown let me know :)

Also Party city has a lot of fun stuff for parties, you may want to walk around there for ideas.



answers from New York on

I have used the website They have lots of great ideas depending on whatever theme you are thinking of doing. I did my son's 6th birthday party with a pirate theme. Thanks to this website I planned the whole day out from beginning to end with great success.

You can also check out this other website, and they have every resource for hired entertainers etc according to where you live.

I hope this helps! Good luck!!



answers from Albany on

I took my kids to the Gloversville Library to see a magic act. These guys were great. I can't find their card but the library would know how to get a hold of them. Good luck with your party.



answers from New York on


I would suggest a carnival idea,

they sell baby pools at walmart for 3 dollars,
you could try filling them with stuff, like apples and do bobbing for apples, put bubbles in one and a few shaped coat hangers, fishing ( cut out fish and attach a paper clip, and the have a few poles with a string and a magnet on the bottom to lift the fish,

and a pool with prizes, stuff fromt he dollars store

sand in one with cars and buckets to play

and another with various balls, and cut a piece of cardboard int othe face of a clown with a hole in the mouth, let them toss it in the hole,

RING toss
pin the tail on the donkey

water pistols

and a pinata every kids dream.LOL

Hope this helps




answers from New York on

Hi M.,
I just had a 2nd birthday party for my son in our home and the age range was 2yrs to 9 years old. I played some action songs for them. The favorite was a balloon game. I entered the room w/ a large bag filled w/ balloons. The song starts off "The balloons are here. . . " It continues to give the children directions of what to do w/ the balloon. Use your fingers to keep it in the air, use your head, don't let it fall . . . . All the kids loved it so much they asked me to re-enter the room w/ the balloons and start the song over again.(3 more times!) I found the song on a cd at the library. Just search birthday party songs. I also played songs from a CD that I already own called Greg & Steve Kids in Motion. The Freeze game is a big hit too!!

Good Luck! Have Fun and you don't need to spend a lot of money. Most kids really do enjoy dancing and simple party games.



answers from New York on

I did a craft party one year. Just make keep it simple. You can get lots of craft ideas from other websites, I used micheals for inspiration. Just have all the supplies in individual buckets ready to use (I got mine from a dollar store.) I did a catapiller made with styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners. We didn't even paint them and the kids had fun. But there are lots of cheap ideas, including paper bag puppets, or making your own party hat out of a paper plate.

We also did tie dye shirts out in our yard. with small children just be sure that you provide colors that won't ever make mud, becuase they will dip and dip. We used rubber bands as ties, and hung them out in the yard to dry on hangers from my sons closet.

I also did a car theme one year and made a game out of it. I made a road with poster board (like a track) and we played stop with the music with matchbox cars on a kid's size table. They loved it.



answers from New York on


I have seen mr. RAY preform at several schools parties and events and he is the absolute best!!! His music is fun and even the parents enjoy him. I would suggest you listen to his music on and if you book him, I would buy his cd first so your kids are familiar with some of his songs.

I put the contact info from his website below..
Good luck!

Please contact :
Carolyn Taylor, Director of Operations
for mr. RAY Kidwonders LLC ###-###-####
[email protected]

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