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Updated on August 03, 2007
R.D. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
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Hi everyone,

I love to plan parties and a friend has asked me to help plan her daughters 5th party. The theme is based around horses. Any suggestions ?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your ideas. Here is what I ended up doing. I divided the yard into 4 parts with a rope and called them corrals. I had brown, yellow, white and black baloons in each corral. The children had to seperate the balloons by color (animal)in each corral. Another thing I did was we tied a rope to a hoola hoop and the kids had to try to throw it around a stuffed animal. We made vest out of paper bags and friged the bottom so we looked like cowboys at a rodeo. We also put the children into teams. We gave each team a squirt gun and they had to squirt down three empty pop cans. I filled a baby pool with water and sand. We tossed in pennies and the cildren panned for money. Last but not least they (in teams again) rode stick horses around a small course with barrels of hay in the middle.
Loads of fun! I love childrens parties!

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Hi R.,

Here's an idea I have, I too love to plan parties.

You could make here party look like she's on a horse ranch with fake hay stacks and a barn. You could have someone dress as a farmer if you want. Decorate with different kinds of toy horses around the room maybe using reds,greens,browns,blacks or whites for color. For some fun the kids do a real horseback ride or you can have a fake one as a game. The kids could also play a child's version of horseshoes. Pin the tail on the horsey. They could also play find the plastic eggs in the hay stack. These are just some ideas running through my head at the moment, if you like any of them or you want more ideas feel free to contact me. Good luck with the party.

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answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi R.~
We have a horse party every year for the Kentucky Derby so I'll give you the ideas we have used, you'll just have to adjust them to kid level. Pick a few common phrases involving the word horse and have them pre-written on cards. Make a blank velcro board and have the kids guess the phrases one at a time. When they guess one right, they get to stick it to the velcro board and get a prize. We also did a 'matching' game with a picture of a horse and the corresponding parts (some of them have strange names :)). We also have wooden horses glued to flat boards (so they stand up), and attached to string and a dowel. The kids have to sit in a chair and roll the dowel to make the horses "race" as the string rolls up on the dowel. One year we had a pj party and everyone had to find horse pj's to wear. I'll try to think of things we've done in past years and get back to you! Good luck and have a blast!



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My Little Pony
Horse pinata
Pin the tail on horsey/donkey

Have fun:)



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Hi R.,

Check out

I get the flyer which has tons of different birthday theme ideas, along with the matching decorations, goody bags and more.

Have fun! :)

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