Party Games and Craft Ideas for 4 Year Olds Birthday Party

Updated on October 25, 2009
R.W. asks from Aurora, CO
7 answers

My daughter will be turning for soon and I have started to plan her birthday party. She decided she wants a Tinkerbell/Fairy Party. I have searched a ton of websites looking for game ideas with not much luck. All you experienced moms out there are sure to have better ideas than the websites I have found. I want a couple games that can easily be played indoors with not too much space, since it will be November in the unpredictable weather of Colorado! There will be about 15 kids attending. Do you have any ideas on games to incorporate the fairy theme or just fun games you have played at birthday parties? I am also looking for a craft idea that is not too messy and not too expensive. Thank you so much for you help!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

you sound a bit like me.....I have a 5 year old daughter and a soon to be 8 month old little boy. when was your son's bday? anyway, something fun to do with your kiddos that can be adapted to anytheme is pinatas and 'pin the tail on the ..." there is a wealth of sites online that sell pinatas in any which can make any theme you want...and i can find that site if you'd like...but waht she did was build a pinata (paper mache- this you could do with your daughter and maybe another parent of a friend of your daughter's- lke a playdate before the party date) in any shape or size and then cover it with the table cloth and/or the napkins of the theme. For instance, my daughter's was Abby Cadabby, so the lady has just used the tablecloth and napkins of Abby Cadabby that she'd found at the store for the outside. Make sense?? you could do it Tinkerbell or Fairies easily. This idea also works for the "pin" game....find a large gift bag or tablecloth of Tinkerbell or fairies, and cut out the image. paste it on some posterboard and hang it in your house at their level. then make some sets of wings or whatever you want to pin, and give everyone one.. then they can take turns blindfolded pinning the wings on Tinkerbell...we did this for Abby Cadabby and they loved it. Also, you could do this very easily for goodie bags too....if you have paper laying around the house....take a 6 in by 6 in peice of paper and let your child decorate it with fairy or tinkerbell stickers or images. (you could probably find images to download or copy and color online or in a coloring book). then fold one end in thirds and stick it together, and then you've formed a little pocket...put goodies in there...teddy grahams, nuts, candies, etc. and then fold and paste the other end at an opposite you remember the little sour cream pouches you coudl get at restaurants? that's what they look like...i could send you a picture too if you'd like. anyway, you could also do a 'fairy' scavenger hunt(then it could be done indoors, but you could easily move it outside if the day comes and it actually got nice out!)
hope these ideas help! good luck!!!
Natalie Zylstra
Independent Close to My Heart Consultant

PS if you need any more treat box or goodie ideas, go to that's where i get all my ideas!

OOOH i also got sets of wings for $1 ea at Greenbacks that would work well with teh musical chairs idea that another gal had. then everyone can wear wings!! :)



answers from Provo on

Little kids love to play go fish (just put a fairy twist on it). This is very easily done. Find a corner or some space you can section off so that no kids can see behind it. Put up a blanket, or sheet decorated with fairy theme stuff. Like wands wings or make a fairy forest. (Easily done with construction paper, tape and a little homemade artwork:) Make a fairy wand, out of a stick or a wooden rod. (Just attach some glittery strings to it.) Attach a string with a paper clip or clothespin to the other end. Tell them to cast a spell, or give them some "pixie" dust to sprinkle on the wand before they toss it over the blanket and see what they catch. Obviously someone will need to be on the other side to attach their treasures. These can be little bracelets or bead kits to make a bracelet, Or glittery rings or whatever. Or you could make a big fairy puzzle and they have to "cast a fairy spell" for all the pieces and help each other put it together.
Kids also love to play musical chairs. And this is easily done inside. You could play duck duck goose. or make it fairy fairy frog.
You could watch the tinkerbell movie and have them take turns getting their toe-nails painted in a glittery "fairy" color. and get some facial glitter. Little girls LOVE glitter.
You could have a treasure hunt. Give them pictures of items (related to fairies of course" that you have hidden around the house. Give them some clues and see if they can find them all.
If I come up with any more ideas I'll let you know.
good luck! hope this is helpful and clear I was typing in a hurry.



answers from Missoula on

I didn't get to fully read all of the responses, but for my daughter's fairy birthday party we made fairy headbands. I purchased the starry wire and two big spools of pink and purple curling ribbon at the dollar store. We wrapped two loops of the wire together and made long streamers of the curling ribbon which we looped through the back, curling the ends. These sell at craft fairs and renaissance festivals for $5-$8. The kids loved them!
I also drew a face on poster board and cut out crowns to "put the crown on the princess".

A good craft is to get thin yarn or beading string and a big bag of shiny beads. I put a few bowls of them around the table and let them make necklaces while they were waiting for the other kids to arrive. Make sure they are long enough for them to take off without a clasp. I made a few packages up in snack bags for those who didn't have time to make theirs, so they could take it home with them. We have also done fun foam room signs with markers and stickers on them.
One of the games we play is to split into two teams and carry a cotton ball (magic bubble) on a spoon (wand) from one end of the room to the other. If they drop it they have to go back and get another. The first team to finish gets a small prize usually erasers or pencils.
Hope these help! Have a fun party!

PS. - It's always good to have a few moms stay and help, especially if you have that many young ones! We only let ours have as many kids as they were years old until they turned ten!



answers from Denver on

Adapting popular games to the tinkerbell theme works well. What about pin the star at the end of tinkerbell's wand? (aka pin the tail on the donkey) and musical chairs (with tinkerbell wings on the back of the chairs (made out of paper and glitter - very inexpensive) played to a couple of disney songs. As for crafts, what about decorating their own wands made out of straws and big yellow stars glued together? Maybe put a couple of sheets down underneath the craft table to avoid the huge glitter mess :) Princess cakes are pretty easy to make too. Bake the cake in a bowl; invert and cool; and then cut a small hole out in the top to fit a doll. (You can find detailed instructions on the web but this gives you an idea). Good luck!



answers from Billings on

R., Have you tried going to
Just a thought. You probably have already got lots of suggestions.



answers from Denver on

My daughter just turned 7 and we did a Tinkerbell Party as well. We hung her white, sheer bed canopy up in our family room for "Tinkerbell's home" and the girls loved it! We hung Tinkerbell decorations from the top. I found a ton of things at the dollar store for their goody bags as well. I got a Tinkerbell cupcake cake from Wal-mart and we had Tinkerbell punch using Sprite and sherbert. We had great weather, so we played "Tinkerbell Tag" outside - 3 girls had glitter bottles to "unfreeze" girls who were tagged with a wand. We also did pin the star on Tink's wand, a face painter (my mom from NE), and made our very own fairies in Tink's home by decorating clothes pins with a face and yellow yarn for hair and decorated coffee filters for the wings using food coloring - be careful if you do this, as it can stain! We did that first, so it dried by the end of the party. I went to as well. Have fun!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Why not have them make their own wands/tiaras/wings? glitter/paper/sequins go a long way. A little messy, but able to be swept up, and fairy cheap. (sorry I had to...)

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