Party Favors for 10 Yr Olds

Updated on December 11, 2010
M.P. asks from Washington, NJ
7 answers

Just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for goody bags or favors for 10 year olds. We are having a surprise roller skating party for my daughter. Looking for something easy and preferably unisex. Any ideas would be helpful! Thank you!

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answers from Chicago on

Candy, pens for school and funky pencils,super balls, hand held little games with ball maze. Glow light teeth, necklaces to wear on the rink. Have a good time!


answers from Houston on

silly bands, they seem to be all the rage



answers from Chicago on

We always make a CD of my son's favorite tunes! He picks 10 songs he has been really into listening to for the year and my husband burns them onto discs and then we design 'album covers' with song lists. They are always a HUGE hit and many other parents tell me that they enjoy listening to the songs too. We always save one for his uncle and grandma and grandpa- it is a really cool way to sort of look back over the past few years and see what my son liked in a given year. He is 11 this year and we first did it when he turned 7.



answers from La Crosse on

Avoid Flaarp and Silly is a beast to get out of your friend's carpet once little Susie brings the bag home, forgets it, and smashes it into the rug under her bed... Also not fun to get off a ceiling (9 year old boys so I am speaking from experience).

You can get fun candies and consumables like fruit gushers or pop rocks.



answers from New York on

At mdidle school age, a party favor is better than a goodie bag, in my opinion. If you can manage it, I'd buy a pass for each kid for the roller rink, so they can come back at a later date for a session. One birthday, I gave all the kids a movie theater pass, once I did a bowling pass.



answers from Boston on

at 10 do they really need party favors?


answers from Dover on

10 year olds are a bit old for needing party favors. Not saying not to have them, just saying it would be ok if you didn't.

Since you are going roller skating, why not get some Glow Sticks, Necklaces, or Bracelets? Kids love to wear them when they are skating (at least they do around here). Also, our skating rink give the kids at a party a "pass" to come back skating so that is also a treat.

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