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Updated on May 11, 2010
C.G. asks from Round Rock, TX
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Hi Mamas,
I am brainstorming for good ideas for party favors for a toddler's b-day party. Anyone have any good suggestions? I am trying to avoid purchasing the party favors of little plastic toy/stuff that most people throw away Any help with fun ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice!

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answers from Austin on

Things that were hits: decorated cookies put into cellophane bags and tied with ribbon, dollar store puzzles, bubbles, balloons with race cars tied to them as a weights, play doh with a cookie cutter. Have fun!

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answers from Milwaukee on

A picture of them with the birthday child or a group picture. Could you take it and have someone print them on your computer during the party? Pick up inexpensive magnetic frames and they could take them home for on the fridge.

Let the kids plant a few flower seeds into 5 oz dixie cups to take home. Maybe plant one a week or two in advance to show them what will happen.

A small bottle of bubbles is alway nice, add a bag of fruit snacks...

I agree to avoid the junk--the kids have so much already, it gets broke, and ends up in the trash.

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answers from Portland on

Hi C.

I say personal bubble bottles, or large bubble wand toys. The $1.00 section at my local Target has large bubble blowers. You can't to wrong with toddlers & bubbles.

Good Luck

R. Magby

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answers from Austin on

How many kids? We did a helium latex balloon (with a noisemaker attached as the weight) for each child, to play with during the party and then take home after. The noisemakers are cardboard, so they don't last long (about as long as the balloon!) and the parents of the attendees won't be stuck with a little plastic toy for long. Plus, the kids just love a room full of balloons.

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answers from Dallas on

No bubbles!! Sorry Rebecca! I agree with the crayons/color book. Party City sells bags of 4 packs of crayons and .50 cent color books. Or, at Dollar Tree, they have the washcloths that expand in water. They have lots of themes, so might see if there are some cute ones for your party.
I always throw in a printed note saying "Thank you for coming to Aubrey/Julia's party! You made her day special!"
I am also a parent who HATES little candies/plastic toys, so I feel ya!
I also have done individual bags of teddy grams and cheez-its along with stickers.



answers from Missoula on

I have done small boxes of crayons with little coloring or activity books, little tubs of play-doh, stickers, fruit leather, lollipops.
Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Small tote bag with crayons and coloring book or drawing pad!



answers from Dayton on

Hi C.,

You don't say how old your toddler is (2 or 3) or if you have a boy or a girl, so I'm just going to wing it here. I think the best party favors to give for that age are things they can take home and play with.

What I would do is go to the thrift store and buy some dress up stuff - ties vests, purses, shoes, junk jewelry, and the like for both boys and girls and (after cleaning) put them in a trunk or a suitcase. Then I would go to a dollar store like the Dollar Tree of Everything's A Dollar and get play hats. All different vatrieties from army hats, fire hats, bonnets, anything you could find between the thrift and dollar stores. Get decorations for those hats, stickers, feathers, silk flowers, sequens and such. Put a hat at each place setting and let the kids sit down in front of one and decorate it. Let them go pick out an item from the dress up stash to go with it and then let them have their cake and ice cream or snack and whatever and play the games or whatever you have planned in that dressup outfit. As the party favor let them take the hat and one item home with them to play pretend with when they get home.

Call it a Toddler Costume Party, where they make their own costume at your house and get to take it home.

That's just my thought and I hope it's helpful,




answers from Portland on

Go with your theme.. We just did a superhero theme and I made really easy superhero capes out of red felt and with fabric paint and glitter personalized each one.. Like: Superhero Mark or Suzi.. Huge hit and we gave them out wtb superhero certificates.. So much better then candy or bubbles which always spill with toddler.. Each cape was no more then $2. Each and so super easy!



answers from Austin on

Those big bouncy balls (the ones that are like 10-12 inches in diameter) that they have in the great big bins at Target and Walmart only cost a dollar or two and are super fun party favors. Economical too....

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