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Updated on February 25, 2010
S.D. asks from Topeka, KS
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I'm getting ready for my daughters 1 Yr party coming up in March.As a mom of 3 I love to celebrate with food family & friends!I want to do party bags as I alway's do I don't like junk myself or things that break 5 min. after you play with it so just needing some more ideas on what to put into bags.We have a Dollar Tree here so I plan on doing the coloring books,playdoh hair clips,silly straws,bubbles Walmart has kites that are $1.00 & my kids luv these.My party bags are only for the kids & may contain a few pieces of candy.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

How about a cup that's been personalized for each of the kids? I think Michael's have paints that can go on plastic.

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answers from Fresno on

For both of my daughters 1 year birthdays I bought the cute pails from Target and wrote each kids name on them with paint pens. I then filled them with bubbles, playdough, snacks etc... I then wrapped them in Cellophane with a big beautiful bow and attached a balloon to the top. I used 3-4 of them as centerpieces for the table- they were a big hit. Also, check out that it usually were I get some of my favors.

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answers from San Antonio on

I purchased personalized party favors from this great place online...

They did wrappers for bubbles, playdoh, lollipops, M&M Tubes, etc. all personalized with my son's name on them. She even custom designed the design to go with the theme of the party. They're very inexpensive and do a great job! HTH!

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answers from Los Angeles on

For my son's 2nd birthday, I made a CD of his favorite songs and gave that out. The guests loved it and all thought it was much better than the junk that usually comes in goody bags.

I also recently saw a tub of 100 cookie cutters for $10 at bed bath and beyond. What a great deal! Each kid could get a few cookie cutters - use them for food or playdoh.

K. - need great birthday presents? I've got 'em!

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answers from St. Louis on

For my daughter's 2nd birthday I gave out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring books, a box of crayons and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plastic cup (with lid for those kids still using them). Her party was MM Clubhouse themed so I thought that was appropriate!

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