Party Favor and Game Ideas for 15 y.o. Girls

Updated on February 05, 2012
M.M. asks from Allen, TX
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What is a good party favor for 15 year old girls. We are having 14 girls for a sleepover next weekend....eeee gads, but it should be fun.

Anyone have any activities that might be fun to include?

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answers from Washington DC on

Sleepover? Get glow stuff for everybody!

Let them watch a horribly girly movie, or if you have Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution, pull those out. Or why not get out some old games like Uno and Boggle or even get a new game like Munchkin.

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answers from Chicago on

Honestly, they are 15 year old girls - I would go to your favorite make up counter and purchase ONE eye shodow or lipgloss that is age appropriate and ask if they are willing to supply you with any additional free samples to give to the girls. My mom did this with Merle Norman (her counter of choice at the time) and we had a WONDERUL time "playing" with the make up. The colors were soft pinks, browns, creams (you know pretty starter colors), I think she also got nail polish colors too! For a sleep over of that age getting movies, facial items (Lush has some wonderful ones for a good price) and a good round of Truth or Dare with the questions and dares on cards already would be fun. I suggest you have index cards or whatever with a Truth question on one side and the Dare option on the other - each girl pulls a card and go clockwise or counter to "pick their vitcim." If you pre determine the questions and dares you are able to ensure they do not get mean or too crazy with the stunts - my mom and I had fun doing this together, she was full of crazy things to do! One included asking our neighbors for a cup of sugar water and then drinking it right there - in our Pajamas! If you have never tried drinking sugar water EWWW and hard to drink - too funny. Our neighbor was asked a head of time and was game! Another was getting a neighbor to sing the theme song of Happy Days with us in the middle of the street! The person who took the dare had to do the convincing but we all sang too! Make it fun, make it goofy - see if the other moms would mind some of the waky stunts being recorded and put on You Tube or something like that. I think good clean fun should be highlighted on youtube too! Either way make it fun, make it memorable and stay out of the way if the girls are good to go!

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answers from Houston on

I don't have any girls but my friend did her daughters quince not to long ago. She gave all the girls a cd of their fav songs ( for the moment). It wasnt too costly either they came in a case so her daughter designed a cd cover. They were really cute. Hope this helps! Good luck

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answers from Shreveport on

Spa stuff, make up, art supplies and crafts? Girls love makeup and make overs. Try putting 14 looks in a bag- 70's make up, 80's, prom night, too much eye shadow... Come up with a theme and have the girls in pairs or let them do it by themselves.
Art- paint a picture on some small canvas-you can use michael's or hobby lobby coupons and get it 40% off.
Good luck 14 girls! Scary!!!! :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Nail polish with a file? Sally Beauty supply has "Finger Paint" brand polish that has cute colors and wears well for only 1.99 each. Target has larger packs of files you could break down to give each girl one.

Journals with a pen

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Justin Beiber stickers - HAHA!



answers from Los Angeles on

Personally, I hate party favors. I mean, if I was just inviting kids to my house for cake and nothing else, sure give a gift, but parties are not like that these days. YOU have FOURTEEN teenage girls coming, OMG. YOU should be getting a gift from the parents!

If you decide to do a favor, I would take them to a beauty supply OR get the polishes yourself and let them do nail stuff and then they each can take a bottle home. Not all of them are going to like the same things, so have a few things going at the same time.

My mom was always the mom that everyone went to with questions or concerns. She made sure she was available for me and with parties like this, she wasn't the center of attention, but she also didn't retreat to her room and left us alone to our own devices.

Sometimes there are places you can go until midnight, like Cosmic Jump, I just found that just opened in Allen, TX. SOOOOOO fun.

Have a blast.



answers from Dallas on

We had a sleepover this year for my daughters 14th birthday. She loves Justun Beiber, so I found Beiber party supplies online. In the Justin goodie bags I put a nail polish, lip gloss and some snacks for the party - candy bar, cheese crackers, etc. I didn't plan much for the party itself, the girls were very much able to entertain themselves.



answers from San Francisco on

As long as you have plenty of food, music and movies, those 15 year old will make their own fun.

Just make sure they aren't thinking sneaking out, bringing in boys or drinking alcohol.



answers from Dallas on

Most 15 yr olds are not into games.

A hit around here is always the mani/pedi/facial. They can do it for each other or you can go to a salon.


Limo ride around town and to dinner is fun. We use Allen Limo.. good prices fun times

At this age they come up with their own thing, just be around to supervise so no one gets too rowdy, stays outside past Allen curfew (I am in Allen), or indulges in alcohol.

As for favors... the last time we had favors, we had all girls and we gave each of them a gift card to Abercrombie. It was a huge hit.

Other favors could be Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, manicure necessities.




answers from Kansas City on

What about a scavenger hunt? Do you have enough adults to break it into 3 or 4 groups so an adult can go with each group? You could go door to door and ask the neighbors for weird stuff. I know lots of people might not like that, I was just suggesting that because we have had many many kids from over the years come to our door for this purpose. There was also a large church down the road and the youth groups came for that too. All the kids seemed to be having a great time too. You could have something silly as a prize like McDonalds gift certificates or something cheap like that. Hope you have a great time!!!

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