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Updated on August 28, 2011
N.P. asks from Mobile, AL
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My son's 2nd birthday is in Dec. I am planning as much of it now because of Christmas, we have a 2nd baby due the day after my sons big day, I have a niece's bday and my MIL bday. I want to get a jump start on it. The party is Dinosaur themed. I need some help coming up with decorations that I can make. I simply think they are cuter than any you can buy. Also would like some fun dino food too. I know some of you crafty mama's can help me out. Right? Thanks

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Family Fun has a birthday party book for kids that I get at the library and it is very good. The library also has other childrens party books great place to get ideas. The book also has cake designs adn decoratoring ideas

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answers from San Francisco on

Here's a website I stumbled upon while looking for party ideas for my kids. They have a lot of great ideas for any type of kids' party you can think of! Great resource.

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answers from Dallas on

Get green foam craft visors (any Michaels/Hobby Lobby etc will have them). Cut out circles (dino spots) and triangles (teeth) and buy googly eyes, let the kids make their own dianosaur hats:)

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answers from Appleton on

You might be able to find dino shaped cookie cutters and make cookies or rice crispie treats or jello jigglers.

Party City has been advertising all their tropical stuff on clearance. They might have a fake palm tree cheap and the grass skirts could be re-purposed as table covers or window treatments.



answers from Kansas City on

After looking at all these great ideas, I started to think how neat it would be when people come into the party. How about making some cutouts, of dinosaur feet? Then you could tape them to the floor, and guide people right into the area where the party will be. Hope you have fun, sounds like you will be "partying" a lot!!!



answers from Chattanooga on

Go to the Dollar Tree and buy the big plastic shaped Dino's that they have and put them on various places throughout the party...Find a printable Dino online and then trace it onto cardboard and do cut-out Dinos....Try to see if you can find some Dino Cookie Cutters and make sandwiches into Dinos...Let the children color Dino prints outs, or they could draw their own Dinos on paper and decorate them...Have a Dino movie playing? Jurrasic Park? or Disney's Dino...Send out Invites that say "Get ready to have a ROARRRRRING time!.....draw some big foot prints that make look similar to those of a dino and tape them to the floor like Dinos have been roaming...Make up a Dino Dig tub...fill with some candy or rocks or something and hide little dinosaur figurines in the bottom and the kids can take them home as keepsakes.

Hope these ideas helped some!



answers from Detroit on

*Have the kids go on an archeological dig for dinosaur bones in the backyard.
*Make an outline of a dinosaur on a sheet cake, and then fill it in with green gummy candies.
*Find a way to demonstrate the size of some of the dinosaurs so the kids get an idea of the size.
*Supply paper and crayons or playdoh and have the kids create their own. Hang pics of dinosaurs for examples.



answers from Los Angeles on

-They have Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
-Pretzel Sticks (Dino hay)
-Chocolate covered raisins could be their poop pellets (Too gross?
Sorry.) :)
-Mini Reese's Butter Cups (unwrapped) can be Dino Mudpies
-Vat of blue koolaid (their swimming pool)

-All different colored streamers
-Make a fake cave entrance
-Large dinosaur cutout (do yourself from poster board and paint brwn or
green etc)
-Diff colored balloons
-Cut dino chapes out of felt and stick all over kitchen
-Bring in some potted indoor palm trees to make it look like "their" jungle
-Buy a bunch of stuffed dinosaurs to put throughout the "jungle"
-Big Fake Rock here and there (can buy at Party America possibly or any
Halloween store. Buy near Halloween.
-Fake leaves all over the floor, carpet
-They have spray at Wal-Mart that looks like grey rock w/black speckles
you can spray on things to make look like boulders, cave entrance



answers from Washington DC on

Fun dino food:
Dino nuggets (Tyson)
broccolli (little trees)
sugar cookies shaped like eggs

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