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Updated on March 18, 2010
L.B. asks from Hemlock, MI
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Hello Everyone! I am a single mom of a 7 year old boy. I have a great job but I would like tofind a part time job that I can do from home at night. If you know of any please let me know. Thank you.

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answers from Sioux City on


Jobs from home exist, but they are hard to come by. :-) There are sites out there that list places to work from home. Some good ones are (they have a good telecommutting section), lists job/jobs, and is good too.

Be careful of falling for a scam. Don't pay money for a job. A job will hire you. Most are telemarketing. Many pay per time worked vs. per hour. So you can be on schedule but not paid.

You may be better off focusing on a talent or skill and seeing if you can make it work for you, such as writing or accounting.

Another option is a home based Biz. This is similiar to where you are buying a small "franchise". There is a start-up, but you get great products, and everything you need. I always say avoid those with a free start-up because it's really not free and you often spend more getting started in the long run.
Focus on your PASSION. What company excites you? For example, my pasison is my kids, so I sell children's books. A friend is very into helping other women feel good about themselves and as a very successful biz with Arbonne. What is your passion?

Don't give up, your answer is out there. But do make sure you listen to your gut on scams, and be very leary of any company which is tooting money vs. product. I seel so many people get hurt on these "legit" companies.

Good luck to you!




answers from Iowa City on

Hi! L.,

I love to see all these moms responding who are blessed to work at home. Some have expressed the difference between a part time job at home and a home-based business that allows you to work at home, and it is an important difference. You may find some info here about the difference that will help, too:

I've found my work at home niche having a home-based business with a remarkable company that may be a fit for you. You can check it out at and contact me through that site. BUT no website can really convey the essence of this kind of venture. To really explore whether (or not) it might be right for you, I'd love to talk with you. I will send you my phone # in a private message.




answers from Dallas on

Check out the forum at There are a bunch of great at home leads for jobs there.

If you are looking for other ways to make extra cash check out my website at

If you like to write you can supplement your income at Associated Content. Also check out Demand Studios, Textbroker, and Suite 101, WordGigs, Ezine Articles, and Hubpages.

Also, check out KGB or Neither will give you a full time income, but it can help supplement your income. These are great because it requires no phone work and you can set your own schedule up.

Check out I made 58$ in January and I did about an hour ever week night while I was watching TV. It's free to do and it's a very easy way to make extra money. I think of it as a hobby that makes me money.

If you have Facebook, check out They offer tasks for you to do. I've heard it's very easy. I don't have any personal experience with it yet, but I've heard good things about it on the forums I go to.

There is also Amazon Mturk. It's where you get paid to do simple tasks. It's a great way to earn extra money. If you like to look for products online or help other people find good deals on items, check out IMShopping, you can get money for answering peoples questions.

You can sign up to test websites. Check out userlytics or usertesting. They both pay 10 dollars per test and take about 10 minutes to complete. I signed up with both, but have only done a test with Userlytics. It was very easy and they paid the next day.



answers from Dallas on is a free website that verifies legit work at home jobs. Good luck!


answers from Boston on

Hi L..
I have by far the best part time gig out there. It's a lot to try to explain through emails but if you would like some information give me a call.



answers from Minneapolis on

I am currently working full-time, but just started with another company part-time to bring in extra money. And some day I will probably be able to work from home exclusively. That is what this company does. It helps moms work from home to have more time with their families.

Send me a private message and I will give you my phone number so we can talk. I am available to talk evenings (after 4pm Central time) and weekends. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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