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Updated on March 03, 2010
R.D. asks from Forney, TX
6 answers

Any ideas of companies that might offer part time work? My husband and I both work full time, we both have wonderful jobs but debt as well. We are both trying to figure if we can work a few hours a day of a part time job. I would prefer to do something at home after kiddos are in bed. Thoughts or ideas?

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Become a Scentsy Indepedent Consultant! With Scentsy, you will be an independent business person that has the flexibility to set your own hours, determine the amount of your own commission, and earn fantastic rewards for achievement. You will have the opportuntity to earn over 30% on personal sales, and receive leadership bonuses of up to 9% of the entire downline volume of the people you recruit and train to sell Scentsy products. Being a Scentsy Consultant is a personally, and professionally, rewarding experience because every time you go to work, it's a Party! For more information on the products or the business opportunity, check out my website at


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That is really a huge question!

First, allow me to say that I mean no disrespect to the other women who have answered. The thing is, they are both in (what sounds like) direct marketing / sales. It is a very hard field to "make it" in. A very small percentage of people are really cut out to be in that kind of business. Plus, many times, you end up spending "x" amount of money on the products (and marketing) before you can even start selling and making money. THEN you have to find the right person that will actually buy your product...

Anything that you are going to make money with from home is going to come from your own brain. Get your thinking cap on - what do you love to do? How can you do that cheaper and better than most others? What do the people in your neighborhood need / want? What service can you offer? (Service businesses are typically much cheaper to run than product businesses. ESPECIALLY if YOU can provide the service yourself!)

Don't let the "economy" scare you either. People still have money, and they are still spending it. They are just spending it a little more wisely. You need to spin, whatever it is that you are selling, into something that your customer will not mind spending their money on.

Please, trust me on this! I have tried so many work from home things. I have bought into a business, I have bought information to tell me about a business, I have tried some really crazy ideas that I came up with! It can be a process - perhaps you will get lucky on your first venture.

Just keep your spending down. WAY DOWN! You are doing this to earn extra money - not spend it! :)

I could go on forever on this topic. If you want to, send me a private message and I can help you further...


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Are you into a healthy lifestyle? I'm a part time working mom of 3. In March shortly after my daughter was born I started taking fruits and veggies in a capsule at my DOCTORS reccomdation. (I HAD a very poor diet) Long story short after a month on juice plus I started selling it as well. If you'd like more info go to C. loves juice plus .com (no spaces) It's not a get rich quick but it is a nice way to improve your overall well being while making some extra cash.



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I have an internet shopping and travel business. I am not looking to add to my income, I am looking to replace my current income. I currently have a full time job that is taking far too much time away from my daughter. If you are interested my e-mail is Luck!!!



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I am a dental hygienist during the day with 2 young children, so I do this when I can. Not sure if you have found anything that has worked for you, but Work at Home United provides you an opportunity to earn supplemental or replacement income (and it is residual as well!!) while working from home....NO selling, NO stocking, NO shipping, and NO parties. No cold calls and there is no financial investment like most other work from home opportunities and is 100% risk free! This is NOT like Mary Kay or Avon and IS NOT MLM!!! We are a Consumer Direct Marketing company where we set up accounts for customers and the company pays up do so. I work for a company that has been around since 1985, won numerous awards, is very prosperous and growing daily and it is BACKED by the BBB!! You will receive a FREE website and FREE training!
Visit to request information if you would like to learn more or give me a call at ###-###-#### to schedule an overview call so you can get all the info up front to decide if this will be a good fit for you.



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If you have an interest in working from home call ###-###-#### ext 47685 and listen in today, Tuesday at 8pm. A new company looking for people to market organic bath and body products..Let me know what you think...

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