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Updated on August 26, 2007
T.M. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I am needing to get a part-time job in the evenings and one I can take my 3.5 toddler with me, if one exist. I was looking into cleaning for New Home Builders. Has or does anyone know where to start other than going out to new homes to get info from them or calling them to get the names of their cleaning companies? If anyone could supply information about this, it would be beneficial or other part-time opportunities that do not require a start up fee to get involved. Thanks for your help.

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So What Happened?

Everyone who replied to me with great suggestions and ideas, "Thank You" everybit of the information given was so helpful and I am going to look into everyone of them.

Thanks again so much.


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I am with Work at Home United. The entire start up cost was only $29 so it is very little considering most work at home companies have start ups in excess of $500. I have been with them for 3 years. It provides great reliable monthly income and I work it while my children are napping or in the evenings part time. Let me know if you would like to hear the details. M.

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My husband is a homebuilder and I can tell you that they are not going to allow a young child to be on a construction site, it is way to much liability for them. I think a childcare facility would be your best bet.



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I just heard about the Housewarmers, you know the people that bring you a bag of goodies when you move to a new area. The lady that brought mine in Allen said she brings her 4 year old daughter with her and she works a few hours each evening. I think it pays about $10/hour from what she said. The contact lady for Allen is Melissa Thompson and her number is ###-###-####. I don't know how to contact the Housewarmers for other cities.



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Perhaps working for a childcare center at a fitness gym, like LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, or Lifetime Fitness. Those are big name gyms that have evening babysitting hours for their kids' club childcare area. I go to LA Fitness and I like their setup there. Lifetime Fitness is an extremely nice gym...I'm sure they may have more openings there.

Also...a drop-in care facility that offers evening and weekend hours like Adventure Kids (there's one at Park/Preston in Plano that we go to). On Friday/Sat. they are open until midnight...during the week open until 10 p.m.



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have you considered working for a place like Kiddin' Around or Adventure kids?? Or even at a childcare facility in a gym?? I know that you could take your granddaughter with you, but honestly that is the only kind of job that I am aware of that would allow that. Good luck in your search! ~A.~



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I have 2 jobs both are ones that I take my children too. The first is Lifetime fitness. I don't know where you live but I know that both Garland and North Dallas locations are hiring. If this is something you would be interested in then go to and fill out an application on line. The Childcare center is open until 9 on week nights so its not too late of a job to have your children at.
Hope this helps

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