Parents Choice Soy Formula

Updated on July 16, 2008
A.B. asks from Cleveland, OH
6 answers

I just wanted to know if anyone uses the "parents choice soy formula". we've seen it at walmart at a great price and wanted to know if any kids have had issues with it! Our son is 3 weeks old. Thanks

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So What Happened?

He takes the formula really really well! It really is half the cost of everything else! Thanks!

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answers from Lima on

Hi! I have used the Parent's Choice regular formula and the Parent's Choice Gentle (for gassy babies), since my daughter was about 3-4 weeks old, and I have had NO problems. I would highly recommend it. It is sooo much cheaper, and it does use the same amount as the name brand formulas, so it isn't costing anymore. They also have a brand at Sam's Club and the cans are giant and you save like $5 even compared to the Parent's Choice. Also, at my daughter's check ups my pediatrician asked what I was giving her, and I was almost embarrassed to say, but she said it was fine for her, anything I could do to save money was great since it has the same vitamins and such. I hope this helps!!




answers from Cincinnati on

My sister used it with her daughter for 8 months and never had a problem with it. She said her daughter took to it like the other formula they had previously used.



answers from Columbus on

We didn't use the soy, but did the other. Had no porblems. Also used the generic Meijer brand with no problems. When we compared labels, they were identical in every way.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Formulas are regulated, so they're all pretty much the same. They may have different consistency and taste, but the vitamins are all the same. Are you already using a soy formula? If not, I would check with your pediatrician before you switch. Target makes a really great generic formula too. It's half the price of Enfamil and they come in several varieties.


answers from Cleveland on

Hi, My daughter is 5 1/1 now and I USED the Parents Choice Soy formula with her. IT is cheaper & she took it just fine. i did use the liquid one as she seemed to tak that better. KNOW it, as any Soy formula does seem to stain worse so have your shout or baby type "shout" stain remover ready for when you do the wash. Good luck and congrats on the new little one



answers from Cleveland on

i used the regular parents choice formuula at times and it was fine, just watch and actually compare because if i remember right you use more powder per bottle than you do with say similac and therefor aren't saving as much as you thought.

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