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Updated on April 30, 2008
A.G. asks from Brandon, MS
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In 2001 i had a papsmere to come back that showed A Typical Squamous Cells. I had another papsmere 6 months later and it was normal as all my paps have been since. I had my second pap since i had my son and this time it came back with Mild Dysplasia. I have a follow-up for more testing on thursday. Can someone give me some insite on what to expect and should i be worried? Thanks so much for your help

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So What Happened?

thanks to everyone that responded. I just got back from having a biopsy done and besides a burning sinsation it was just fine. I should know the results early next week.
I hope everyone has a great day and i will keep everyone informed as soon as i know something because i'm sure i will have some questions

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If they have not yet ran a High Risk HPV, then they need to. A lot of physicians don't automatically test for this even though i believe it should be a standard practice.

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I've had a pap that showed mild dysplasia before. My next pap came back clean. All cancer is is mutant cells. Typically, your body destroys those cells before they have a chance to get out of control. If you're eating a healthy, nutrient rich diet (building blocks for healthy cell growth and activity), you shouldn't have anything to worry about. :}



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You can expect more than likely to have a colposcopy. This will determine if the cellular changes are due to a bad sweep, an infection such as HPV or bacteria, or just hormonal changes. This is why we get pap smears; to catch problems before they're catastrophic. So, even if they find a problem, the cellular changes that were noted in the pap are still mild enough that you have plenty of time to take action. More than likely there's nothing wrong and it was a misread by the lab or it's resolved itself. Atypical Squamous epithelial cells are very common. It's the one step away from normal cells. Mild displaysia is just that one step above atypical squamous epithelial cells. Because I have a family history of cervical cancer I had colposcopies both times I had any cellular changes. The first time was fun. The doc had it set up to take video of the procedure, and I got to watch as he worked. The second time I was at a public health clinic and it hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks. If you can schedule it for after your period, instead of the day before like I had no choice, it shouldn't be painful.



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Hey! i had this same thing about 7 years ago. It actually came up as dysplasia on my screening. I went in and had the spot removed(i think they did waht was called a cone, which is where they remove just the small spot) and it was done in my dr.'s office it took about 20 minutes and then I went home. After that,just to make sure that it was all removed, I had a biopsy done every 3 months until 3 in a row came back clear. One thing that i read on the internet about having this procedure done, was that when I came time to carry a baby, you could have problems carrying a baby, due to thing of the uterus. I now have a health little boy that will be 3 in june and had no problems carring him. So that was NOT an issue...just incase you are thinking of another baby later. But the worst part of all of it was the biopsies every 3 months....and those didnt hurt but for a few minutes and a little cramping for a day or 2. other than that it was fine. I know hearing the dr. talk about things can be scary,but it really isn't as bad as it may seem. Don'tworry everything will be fine.



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I am a cytotechnologists who looks at pap smears under the microscope every day. Your "atypical squamous cells" pap in 2001 could have been related to an infection or any contraceptives you were taking at the time. Your recent "mild dysplasic" diagnosis should not be alarming to you, as long as you continue to be under a physician's care. Your physician will probably repeat your pap smear in 6 months and if a "mild dysplasia" diagnosis is again reported, your physician will either do "cryosurgery" (freezing of the tissue), "cauterization" (burning of the tissue), or a "biopsy" (removal of the tissue). As long as you are under a physician's care, the dysplasia should not progress to a more serious process. Hope I helped?



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I know it can be scary! I have had to have two biopsy's and the second time I had to have a cone biopsy it was just a minor outpatient surgery but I had to have it because there was the potential that the dysplasia could turn in to cancerous cells and my doctor just didnt want to take that chance,neither did I for that matter. Your doctor will probably do a biopsy or even possibly a conization. Don't be too worried the most important thing is that they caught it and are going to treat you for it and you will be just fine.

Goodluck and best wishes
M. J



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I had mild dysplasia more than 15 years ago. I ended up having lazer surgery (quick proceedure in the dr office). I have had no problems since and have had three healthy children. You have the pap smear to catch problems early so they won't turn into cancer. You should be fine!



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I had problems with abnormal cells as well. Once they were even considered Class III. I've had the cells killed/frozen off in the office. I also had a LEEP (laser) procedure, which came after a cone/punch biopsy. I remember lots of cramping pain from the biopsy. For the laser procedure, I had to be grounded (my butt was on a metal plate), and I was given a Valium ahead of time. Since all this 6 years ago, I have had normal PAPs, except one prior to being pregnant (3 years ago) where I got another cell-freeze of liquid nitrogen in-office.



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Hi A.,

I had an abnormal pap back in 2001. My OB/GYN had me come back in for a biopsy. The biopsy showed mild dysplasia. He told me that I had HPV. He also told me that most HPV clears up on its own. He had me come back 3 months later for another pap. My pap was normal and it has been normal ever since.

HPV is passed very easy from male to female. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer. I would suggest that your husband be tested for HPV. Since this is your second time dealing with squamous cells and dysplasia, sadly, he may be the cause.



answers from Biloxi on

Hi A.!!
Do not worry it is not a harmful procedure at all. I have had abnormal paps for 3 years now. I have also had my second baby and everything was fine! I have also had two LEEPS done and the re was no pain or discomfort with it! Just make sure to go have your paps done so that they can make sure to detect anything they see early!!! GOOD LUCK!! Again do not worry!
C. Stork



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Do NOT worry. I am pregnant with mild dysplasia right now. It is no big deal. I've had it since I was 18 years old. I had a LEEP procedure done when I was 23, which I shouldn't have bothered with but after 7 years of colposcopies ever 4-6 months I was ready to get rid of it.

I had normal paps for 7 years after the surgery but it came back and it almost always does. It is extremely rare for it to develop into cancer.

Is the testing you are having on Thursday a colpo? If so I am very well versed in that and can tell you exactly what to expect. I've had over 30 of them.




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I had dysplasia in only one of my paps way back. They did an in office procedure where they froze the walls of my uterus. It did not hurt that I can remember and I am fine and have no bad pap for years. but do get one each year. better to be safe.