Pants for My Tall, Skinny 10 Year Old

Updated on January 27, 2011
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My 10 y/o daughter is tall and skinny. She's inbetween a 12 and 14 length-wise and has a waist size of about a 8-10. Her size 12s usually have an adjustable waist, but they're getting short on her and I haven't found a size 14 that has an adjustable waist. Do you know where I can get some good pants for her? She needs Khakis for school and jeans.

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Wow! Glad I asked! Guess I'm headed to Old Navy and JcPenny. :) Thanks for the responses ladies!

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answers from Houston on

rockies they have real long legs in them that is why I buy them I cant stand my socks to show. and rockies does make pants too

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answers from Dallas on

I have a toddler that has that problem and I can normally find pants that adjust at the waist at target but not sure if they make them for her age. You could try western stores. They sale khakis and normally western clothing has smaller waist. They don't have to necessarily look like western pants. Ive bought jeans at Cavendars and look like normal everyday jeans but the waist are smaller.

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answers from Stockton on

Old Navy has the adjustable waist up to size 16! Got them for my 15 yo son.

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answers from Cleveland on

I feel your pain. My 13 year old dd is 5' 6 1/2" and 110 lbs. and keeping her in pants that fit are impossible. Now that she is in junior sizes, it is hard to get pants that are long enough and not too big in the waist since they don't make junior sizes with adjustable waists. Beginning of September she was in a size 3. By the end of September she needed size 7 for length. Now those are getting too short.

For school pants, JCPenneys sells Izod khakis ( that have adjustable waist up to size 16 and they are also available in slim. Just one thing about these pants even though they can be put in the dryer, I wouldn't recommend it because they just keep shrinking. My youngest dd is still in girl sizes so I just wash them on cold and line dry. No need to iron because the wrinkles fall out while they line dry.

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answers from Little Rock on

I'm Pentecostal and don't believe in women or girls wearing pants, but I do know where you are coming from in that I have the same problems with find long enough skirts with small enough or adjustable waist bands for my young daughter. I recently bought her size 6 skirts for length and will have to have the waist taken up quite a bit to fit.

I believe that if she is needing a size 14, that she should be able to find what she needs in the Junior section instead of the girls section. You could then purchase them to fit the waist and have the legs taken up if necessary.



answers from Boston on

Childrens place has slims and their pants seem longer then other brands.



answers from Minneapolis on

I've had luck at Childrens Place with the tall & skinny. Some extremes like that have to be ordered through their website, so check there first. GL!



answers from Boca Raton on

I, too, feel your pain. My 13 year old son is almost 6 feet tall with a size 12 waist.

Sigh . . . great question.



answers from New York on

Lands End has slim sizes. I have found adjustable waist clothes at Kmart and Children's Place but my kids are in toddler and little kid sizes.

My 2 year old is also tall and slim and I often just take in the waistband a little on her pants if they are too big (it is easy to take out when she grows). If you can sew a button you can fix the waist. Just pinch a small amount of fabric and fold it under so it is flat then sew a few stitches through all the layers. Usually taking in at the back or sides works well.



answers from Raleigh on

I have the same problem with my son...except he doesn't wear skinny jeans. Target carries jeans that are adjustable. Good luck!



answers from Provo on

My son just got a couple of new pair from Sears and they really fit him well. I was so surprised because they are not adjustable waist.



answers from Philadelphia on

Justice sells a 14 slim, maybe they would work. I know they are a little pricey but you can get them when they are having a 40% off sale. You could also, maybe try a juniors size zero.



answers from Philadelphia on

we had the same problem. the gap jeans seem to fit much better. it seems the majority of the pants are made for heavy kids.

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