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Updated on March 03, 2007
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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This is more of a rant i guess than any thing. I have been suffering from panic attacks since i was 12, diagnosed with anxiety at 6. well my anxiety has been horrable since april of last year since then i havent driven and hardly gotten out of the house. i have seen 3 doctors and they all said they wanted to try CBT and some other things but i went to them for months and all they did was talk about other clients and not anxiety. well i have gotten to the point now where im pretty much in a constant panic attack my eyesight is always foggy i have panic attacks when i talk to people and even when im in the same room as certain people. i guess my question is has anyone suffered from panic attacks this severe and how did you deal with them. im in the hospital now and have been for 11 days i know thats not helping anxiety but im very scared about having this baby and i remember having terrable anxiety after having my first daughter. so any ideas on how to deal with anxiety, or good doctors please let me know

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answers from Indianapolis on

I don't know if you are on any medication right now but Zoloft really helps me with anxiety as well as depression.

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answers from South Bend on

Hello E.,
First of all I would like to console you on having anxiety attacks. They are very serious and I know because I have been there. When I was 19, I started to have this panicky feeling. With them my vision was hazy and it looked like the world around me was spinning fast and when People tried to talk to me, I could not understand them like they were speaking real slow in another language. I often referred it to feeling like I was on a strange drug. Cus it is very real and it effected me every waking moment of my life. I thought I was going crazy and checked myself into madison center. Because taking care of my child was difficult while having these attacks. The medication they gave me did not work it made it worse. Then finally I went and saw my regular doctor and she prescribed me to take Zanax. Now this medication did work but it is very habit forming. So I only used in extreme cases. She also prescribed Paxil. Please also be careful using. They did work for me and eventually I needed them less and less. Everyone is different it may not work for you, but I suggest you seeing a doctor who will listen to you and has respect for you. It is very important to find a doctor whom you like. Most important is to not get addicted to taking zanax... usually doctors will give it out to their patients when they are in dire need but please use it only when extremely urgent so you don't get addicted.I suggest you try different medications with your doctors orders and under their care. Be CAREFUL because everyone is different and every medication has different effects on everyone. So what worked for me doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you but what is very important is you have to be a little open on taking something. But if you have any side effects make sure you tell the doctor. I felt like a damn guinea pig at times but with a little trial and error that will help you find out what will help. Today I am free of anxiety disorder. I still don't know why they suddenly stopped but they did. Hang in there and be strong hon... also the name of the doctor whom treated me with the most respect was Dr. Michelle Cervin and or Dr. Brian Carter. Oh yeah don't take zanax while pregnant!!! I forgot you said you were pregnant. My sister in law did take Paxil while pregnant, her doctor said it was okay but that was 3yrs ago who knows if that has changed by now. Make sure you tell you OBGYN how bad your anxiety is and if you do see a new doctor make sure the new doctor knows who your ob is and stays in contact to make sure you are safe taking anything. Also meditation helps soooo much you can check out local library books on helping with meditation. I still don't know if it was the meds or the meditation that stopped my anxiety and I had a very extreme case of ACUTE ANXIETY & PANIC DISORDER I can sympathize with you so much. I would never wish it on anyone and I hope you find the answers you need and hope and pray you will overcome this horrible disorder. I like you never left my house for over a year and lost a job over the attacks. I hope I have been a little bit of hope for you. I believe one day they will end for you but make sure you take charge of it cus I finally got fed up and made sure I put myself first. Please tell your ob it is very important that she or he makes sure you are safe. ~Jes



answers from Louisville on

awwwwwwwww sweetie i know how you feel. I have them. Try biofeedback. It helps me so much. Whenever you feel one coming on....get into the bathtub in warm water fill the tub half way and lay down on your side, then turn the water down, still warm though, and close your eyes and relax and only focus on the sound of the water helps alot.



answers from Lexington on

What is CBT? Try Gina Land for a good OB dr that can assist with anxiety issues.

Best of luck!



answers from Louisville on

Do you have a good patient advocate who can find you the best doctor and the best treatment? This person can follow up with you regularly to make sure the doctor is still on track with your treatment. See if you can get the nurse to get you one or call for a social worker. You need an advocate to help you sort through this. Nurses and doctors just don't advocate well enough on their own.



answers from Parkersburg on


I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks as well. Not as severe as yours sound, but they can get pretty bad. I'm not sure where you are located, but if you send me a private message I can tell you the doctors I went to see. I had HORRIBLE!! post partem anxiety after my second daughter was born. I am just now getting to where I feel back to "normal". My daughter will be 2 this it has taken me a while to get to this point.

I never took medications, although it sounds as if you would benefit from them in your situation. You want to make sure you do everything you can to provide a safe environment for your baby to grow inside you and to have a healthy and safe birth. I also practiced an almost self hypnosis.

Also what might help you some is something called Hypno-babies. If you are interested in that let me know and I can get you in contact with someone who can help you with that as just really need a way to relax yourself and calm yourself.

I know what it feels like to be in that constant state of high anxiety...that feeling of "fight or flight" ALL the time. It's a terrible way to feel and I'm here to tell you, you can control takes time and practice.

Hang in there!



answers from Fort Wayne on

Have you mentioned this to the nurses at the hospital? Sometimes the nurses are a little more understanding than doctors. They may also push the doc to help you more. I would ask them if you can see a psychiatrist at the hospital. There should be one on staff. I wish you the best of luck.



answers from Bloomington on

Good or bad, frequent panic attacks are reflections of physical problems in the brain. If you cannot find relief through traditional American medical practices (psychiatric medications), seek out naturopathic doctors. There is no quick fix, but you need to find something. This will not go away on its own. If you are willing to travel a little, Carol Perkins N.D., runs a practice called Natural Choices out of Lexington. She has had success with treating depression/anxiety and will also help teach you about foods. The processed food we continue to eat has caused more medical problems than we will ever fully realize. And these deficiencies are passed down through the generations.



answers from Lafayette on

Wow that's rough. I see that you're from Kentucky so unfortunately I can't refer you to a good doctor because I don't know any out there. You definately need to see a psychiatrist to help you handle this though. In the mean time the best thing I can tell you to do is put a rubber band around your wrist. When you feel like you're having a panic attack, identify it...tell yourself out loud "it's just a panic attack", then remind yourself to breath, then snap the rubberband on your wrist in hopes that the sharp sudden pain from it will bring you back. This routine works pretty well for flashbacks and flashbacks can cause panic attacks, so I'm guessing that it will help for the panic attacks as well. But it's not a permanent fix, so I can't stress enough the importance of seeing a psychiatrist...but hopefully this will get you through until you can.

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