Panic Attack Meds

Updated on July 30, 2010
A.H. asks from Scotch Plains, NJ
16 answers

I need to find a new med. I was on paxcil for a while.. it worked.. then it stopped. now i'm on citalopram.. it is doing nothing. I want to feel better. I feel panicked all the time. Hard time making decisions... i am not depressed.. just worry about so much... i feel totally stressed out... what other meds are out there... Help.. thanks.

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answers from New York on

Dear A.,

This is really a question for a psychiatrist, BUT my husband took busbar for a while. If that works for you, it's good, because it prevents the onset of panic attacks rather than just addressing them as they come. It had problematic side effects for him, but I think they're less common in women. He now takes klonapin on an as-needed basis. This works for him, but doctors can be reluctant to prescribe it b/c it can be addictive.

Good luck!




answers from Hartford on

Omega 3, DHA fish oil supplements helped my anxiety tremendously. I take a high potency/ high quality brand from a local health food store.

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answers from New York on

You need to discuss with your doctor other meds. There is Xanax that you could take as needed or three times a day, depending on what your doctor says. But more than meds is best. Try counseling if you haven't. Exercise, Yoga, meditation will help with overcoming anxiety. Medication will not cure it, it will help calm you down so you can work on it to stop it.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I often think that which doctors miss is hormones. I def think shift in them can cause panic/anxiety attacks. Especially as women reach peri-menapause. However, you did not state your age, therefore I am not sure in your case. Although, it's worth looking into ?
additionally, what I find helpful is to take some sort of Omega fish oil... even flax if you don't eat fish. Taking these helps my brain to relax more. Also, exercise is what really helps the most... which your doc may have mentioned?
Lastly, there's that old addage feel your way thru the anxiety and it will pass. It's hard to do and I am not suggesting you do it on your own, but would you consider taking some sort of meditation and or relaxation class? even yoga ? I find that when I begin to feel really anxious, it's at that time that it becomes so important that I take complete control of my breathing.. go from taking shallow breaths to long deep inhalations and exhalations.
I am not saying this is a complete cure all, but I do find that once I get control of my breathing in anxious situations, then my mind calms and I can actually talk myself thru some of the anxiety.. it's worked time and time again.
I wish you the best.

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answers from Syracuse on

zoloft has been my gem of a med!! i was plagued by panic attacks---even had to leave full basket of groceries so i could get out of market!driving too became a nightmare---zoloft rescued me---good luck-brensam



answers from New York on

Clonipin is what I take. However I would also suggest finding a therapist as well. If you are stressed, they can help you find the cause and how to deal with it. It's a safe place for you which may help your anxiety levels. There is no shame isn seeing a therapist. Sometimes a mixture of therapies is what works best.

Be well



answers from Utica on

Hi A.
I am a nutrition person, so thought I would ask if you have had your Vit B checked. Do you take vitamins at all? Do I think you should stop meds & take vitamins exclusively? NO! but sometimes Vit B, helps. ask, try it.
Also know that Vitamin C will make Vit B in your body in correct balance so I usually recommend that especially since most MD's will say yes to Vit C. Check it out.
God bless you as you search for a solution



answers from Indianapolis on

Panic attacks are a kind of anxiety disorder and are commonly prescribed by primary care physicians as well as specialists.

Here's a list of drug classes that are commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders. Some anti-depressants have also been FDA approved for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Other products, like Xanax and Ativan, have FDA approval for multiple conditions including Anxiety.

You should really discuss with your pharmacist and physician to understand how each works, what can be expected (though all people will respond differently) and what the side effects can be.



answers from Sacramento on

This is a question best addressed with your psychiatrist. He/she is the most knowledgeable about the medication options and which ones might be best for you to try. I would go back to your psychiatrist and explain that citalopram/Celexa isn't helping and that you're reading to try something else. What works well for one person may not for another, so this really should be discussed with your doctor.



answers from Dallas on

Don't understand why you would ask us. If you don't hav a psychiatrist, you should. Realize that Medications help the various things that could be causing it. He/she would know what to try next. Keep your appointments and give good feedback. Listen when they say how long it will take. You don't need help making decisions if you have the right kind of help. See if your psychiatrist thinks you would benefit from therapy to see if that could help too. This could get much worse. Don't wait until you are too far into panic to leave the house for an appointment.


answers from New York on

i used to use klonopin in college and it worked great!
good luck!


answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.,

I take xanax, as needed, for my anxiety. Also, I take St. John's Wort every morning and night. At bedtime, I take the Valerian root supplement.

My mom has SUPER anxiety and panic attacks and she takes ativan. This enables her to do the things she is otherwise unable to do. I was first prescribed ativan, but I didn't like it, so my doc switched me to xanax.

Good luck, I know what a hard place you're in.

** I also second the yoga suggestion, it is amazing how peaceful and together you feel after a good session, and it's totally do-able in the comfort of your own home



answers from Dothan on

Have you tired counseling or other alternatives to control anxiety? I used to take St Johns Wart for panic attacks along with counseling. It took me 3 years but now I have full control of panics for several years , I really truly think its all in the head.



answers from Los Angeles on

I find that taking Adrenal Support that my doctor gave me worked immediately. I was able to find it online here, so I don't have to go in and buy it. I take 1-3 in the am, depending on how my day is going. Mostly, I take 1 in the am and another at noon. It just helps my adrenal glands deal with stress, becuase obviously my issue and sounds like yours may not be a serotonin issue, which is why they give antidepressants.

Good luck.



answers from St. Louis on

Do you talk to a professional? No matter what meds you are taking (and sometimes it takes many tries to find one that is goood for you) it is important to talk to a counselor--they help you find out about yourself and why you are having these panik attacks. Something else you might want to check is your gynocologist! Yes our hormones can really "mess us up"--they may suggest something to help--maybe a different birth control or none at all? or maybe you are reaching that magic age of menopause--I went thru that and thought I was losing my mind (as did everyone around me) at that time in my life a hysterectomy did the trick for me--no more panick attacks!!! and I got off all the extra meds I didn't need anymore. Good luck mom and go talk to someone in the professional field--also if you are just not working well with one--try another one. It is ok too.



answers from Jamestown on

I was on Paxil once. Not a good thing.

Medication like these only mask the problem. You will still worry and your mind will go in a million directions, you just won't care as much.

Until you get to the root of your worries and fears, they will never be under control. Dr. Freud said that panic attacks were "Psychic awareness for danger". (Like you feel something bad is going to happen). Other doctors think panic attacks are linked to low blood sugar. My favorite minister says you need to change your stinkin thinkin.

I have experienced all of these in my life and have come to the conclusion that satan uses your fears to stop you from achieving God's plans for your life. Fear and worry stop you from going places. Places where you need to canceling a job interview because you THINK you won't get it.

It's all about what you are thinking. "We" let our thoughts of fear control us instead of taking control of that fear and getting rid of it.

When these attacks come along, which are not everyday anymore, I just pray and tell God "I don't know what's going on or whoever needs protection but watch over whoever needs it". The attacks subside a few minutes, sometimes seconds later.

Good luck.

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