Panic Attack - Cortez,CO

Updated on January 17, 2010
S.L. asks from Cortez, CO
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I had a panic attack 2 days ago im 21 yrs old with a 2 yr old son. I dont know what to do about this... plz help

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answers from Denver on

Hi S.,

As a therapist, I can tell you that while they are scary- panic attacks or a panic disorder is very treatable.

You have and will get a lot of different advice here. I would suggest you make a short list of the suggestions. Hypnosis, books, alternative medicine, counseling and perhaps medication, etc. If something seems like a right fit for you or something you'd like to try- try it. Otherwise it is usually helpful to start at the least invasive choice. Maybe read a book about panic and see what resonates for you.

All of the choices can be beneficial, and as long as it's a legitimate treatment offered by a qualified, competent individual. So please don't let anyone scare you away from any treatment. Alternative treatments do work for some people. Others require and are really helped by counseling and medication.

Bottom line, if it works for you, it's fine and you should go with it!

Best of luck!

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answers from Grand Junction on

I finally figured out what causes my panic attacks - low blood sugar. After reading that hypoglycemia can cause panic attacks, I borrowed a glucose meter and sure enough. I started checking my blood sugar right after I had a panic attack and it was consistently in the 60-70s. And, I realized it often happens when I let myself get too hungry. Just something to look into.



answers from Denver on

Hi S.,
Oh panic/anxiety attacks are very upsetting & difficult. I recommend getting your thyroid checked. That tends to be the culprit, along with stress. I had them for a few years before I found out I was hypothyroid, then again after we had 2 tornados at on our property. I keep rescue remedy on hand(you can get it at any health food store). I also went to a chinese medicine school, that helped but then I primarily went to my naturopathic doctor. They treat you whole body, it took a few months but I haven't had one for quite a while :). They are very scary as you feel you will die, stop breathing, etc. I know you can find relief, if you would like to talk please do not hesitate to message me. Take care, G



answers from Provo on

Hi S.,

I am assuming this was your first panic attack. First you have to ask yourself, what has changed recently which may have brought this attack on?

Usually panic attacks have something to do with stressful situations or unresolved feelings, but not always.

I have a dear friend who use to suffer from these attacks and have had a couple myself. If you visit the Doctor, most always you are given drugs. If that is not the way you want to go, I would suggest looking into yoga and breathing exercises. Often Doctors discount natural means for healing these kinds of things, but I would seek the natural before tyaking meds...

Wishing you the best and hoping your attacks subside.




answers from Great Falls on

I'm so sorry S.. I know what you're going through. I'm 30 years old and have been dealing with anxiety for most of my life. Most of the time it helps if I sit down and try to figure out what I am stressed out about (most times I don't even know). You may want to make a list. If you can figure out the culprit and then work towards eliminating it....whether it be an unpaid bill, a dirty house, a fight you had with a loved one, or just needing time to usually helps me. There have been times, however, when EVERYTHING seems too much and I just can't see my way clear....that's when I start having major panic attacks. I had problems with this when I was pregnant the second time around. The doctor ended up putting me on a very low dose of Zoloft for a little while. I made sure that it was safe during pregnancy first, of course, and it helped tremendously. I know there are a lot of people who don't agree with anti anxiety meds, but it helped me! It don't think it's the answer all the time, but sometimes just a little bit can go a long way in resolving your problems enough for you to see your own path clearly. Good luck and I hope you find the solution that is right for you.



answers from Denver on

I am so sorry you are going through those, they are horrid. I had them all my adult life. I found the best way to manage them was to find a quiet place and just breath slow. (kind of hard with a 2 year old I know) Also mine get worse and more frequent when I get stressed out. So exercise and me time helps. Try to find out if you have any triggers by keeping a journal about anything you might be feeling, eating different, sleep ect.. when the attack comes on. Mine got better after I got on medication and now are manageable. Even then I had a round of them for several months that were daily and was given medication to take when I felt them coming on to help. I only had to take only one and just knowing that I was back in control of them made me have them less often. I wish there was more I could tell you. Just know you are not crazy and it will pass. If it gets more frequent and starts interfering in your life please talk to your doctor. Best of wishes to you.



answers from Denver on

Hi S.--
Panic attacks are obviously an imbalance in the body. If you go to a regular doctor (western medicine) they will probably suggest counseling and possibly putting you on anti-anxiety medication. If you go to an alternative doctor they will try to naturally get your body back into balance. There are lots of natural remedies that could help you and I 'm happy to give you more in depth information if you feel like this route feels right for you. I would highly suggest you trying an herb called holy basil ( you can find it at any natural food store). It is fantastic for treating anxiety. There's lots of other stuff, too, but that would be my first suggestion.
Good luck!



answers from New York on

How old are you? Do you have any children? How often do you experience these panic attacks and when do they usually happen?



answers from Missoula on

Hi S.,
After my first panic attack, I went to see a therapist and it really helped. I lived away from any family and didn't want to tell any of my friends or co-workers what had happened. At the time my health insurance had a program where you could go free for your first few times to make sure you and your therapist were a good fit. So check and see with your health insurance has any programs like that. I only went twice but it helped a lot and I haven't had another attack!




answers from Boise on


I would try Qi Gong for anxiety/stress. I am guessing a lot of people here will recommend medication, but I would strongly, strongly, strongly suggest that you try this first because it has no harmful side effects like the meds and actually helps you learn to deal with anxiety/stress. Buy a DVD called Matthew Cohen's Qi Gong Fire and Water and try the Water workout. It is deep breathing, combined with slow body movements, combined with self-hypnosis/relaxation techniques. Very, very easy and much less expensive than drugs or counseling, and something that you can do for yourself!

Good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

If you are looking for some ways to help with your panic or anxiety, just in case it happens again, I recommend the book called "From Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett. I struggle with anxiety and this book has helped me understand it and deal with it much better than I was able to before. She does have a whole program to help those with anxiety and depression, but it's expensive. It's very helpful, but doesn't sound too necessary for you at this time unless things get worse. I would at least recommend the book - it helped me a ton.

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