Updated on February 20, 2010
L.M. asks from Central Falls, RI
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So as my son is outgrowing his 9 month clothes I go on the hunt for 12 month.No big deal til I get to the pajamas. It seems like such a strange size differance.The 12 month get super long and I can only get that real clingy looking pajamas. I have tried every where. Target Kohls Carters outlet Osh Kosh Burlinton Coat Factory Walmart and find all the same thing. Not really sure if Im explaining it well but just curious if any one else is having the same problem. I ended up with some very long PJ s but didnt have a choice cause he is too big for the 9 month.Oh and was looking for the PJs with the feet,Any suggestions on where I might be able to find a "normal" 12 month PJ

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answers from Washington DC on

I like the clingy PJ's....they are so cute!....Anyway I always buy the Just one Year brand by Carters (in Target) , 2 pairs for $15 and they wash well. I also found Gymboree outlets has some nice ones. The type with the feet I have only seen in places like LL Bean and they have gripped/rubber soles but they are pricey. Regular PJ's don't have feet in the 12 month upwards age range as the kids are generally walking and they can slip over.

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answers from Los Angeles on

PJs with feeet? We get my son's at Target or Costco or Carters but it sounds like you have tried all those! What I found amazing is that my son will fit into a 4T or 5T of the footsie PJs but they look almost as tall as me! Their body will fill out the length or there will be some extra material by the ankles. Gap and Old Navy ones do stretch and fit forever. Good luck - sorry I didn't have any new ideas... the dryer changes those pjs BIG time!



answers from New York on

Carters or Costco (Costco carries carters pj's)



answers from Detroit on

you will find this in every size jump.. when he grows out of 12 months clothes.. 18 month will be absolutely huge..

I do not like the tight fit pajamas.. I buy them a size too big so they are not too tight. who would want to wear tight clothes when they sleep.??

I always buy carters pajamas wehn I can. If you have a carters store nearby.. or a babies r us has lots of carters. It is getting to be spring so there are lots of spring pajamas out but not a lot of warm pajamas.

you might be having an issue because stores usually have a section for size 0-9 months.. and then the 12 18 adn 24 months clothes are together.. they often wont make the same types of clothes in 12 months as they do in 6 or 9 months..

buying kid clothes is harder than adult clothes.


answers from Denver on

Old Navy! I love footy pajamas! (for my son that My son is wearing some as I type!!!


answers from New York on

I love Baby Gap jammies but i'm not sure they have the kind you are looking for.



answers from Des Moines on

childrens place has the stretchy footie jammies. i love them! i think you get like 3 for 25 dollars kind of pricey. they are suppose to be tight fitting for fire safety. i found the best luck with just doing the separate top and bottom and socks. my son likes them( he is 2 now) we tried them at 12 months. when they are separates height isn't that much of an issue. good luck!



answers from New York on

footed jammies right? baby gap carries them in size 12 mo. when my kids were little i only got them gap jammies. if you go to the store sometimes they have them on clearance, get them even if size too big you'll use them later. so i always stacked up on those footed jammies. they washed well and didn't shrink as much as carters or osh kosh.

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