Painting/Designing A Nursery

Updated on February 13, 2008
K.M. asks from Frisco, TX
12 answers

Does anyone know of any nusery speciality painting/designers out there that could paint a nusery for us. I have the ideas I would like, but just need someone to help excute from there....
Many thanks,

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answers from Dallas on

It depends on what you want...if you e-mail me with an idea I can tell you if I know someone who can do it. Realistic or whimsical? They are two totally different styles or if you are looking just for a Pottery barn type look almost any painter who is good can do that.


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answers from Dallas on

Hello K.,
First of all, congrats to you on your upcoming miracle. I understand baby losses and I know just how close we hold onto those little miracles that God sends us. We have a 3year old and it took a long hard fight to get him here and I am thankful everyday!

Regarding your nursery question, my hubby and I own a paint business and would be happy to give you an estimate if you like. I am not sure what your ideas are for your little nursery, or if they involve murals, etc. Just give me a call or email me and I can get a better understanding.

Congrats again, and thanks for your time.
A. R.
Fresh Look
###-###-#### phone

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answers from Dallas on

Hi K. - congrats on your pregnancy. Sorry it has been so rough. Janet Tefertiller can lift your spirits though. She is an amazing artist and reasonable at that!!!! She has practically painted every room in our house for less than someone coming in and painting a single coat of paint. You can reach her at can show you some amazing samples, and she does a lot of work in 3D. My son's room is absolutely amazing with 3d fighter jets. Good luck!




answers from Dallas on

Check out Terri Lee at she does very good work also!



answers from Dallas on

i know a lady named Andrea... she is fabulous! call ME and i'll give you her #




answers from Dallas on

Just an idea - if you have access to an overhead projector, copy machine, and time, you can make your own. Just print off what ever shapes / characters you want to use on your walls onto transparancy sheets, put them on the overhead, adjust the size by moving the projector closer or farther away, trace the outline on the wall and paint. My hubby and I decorated our kids' baby bed using coloring book pages that we turned into transparancies. If I remember correctly, we just used colorbook pages and carbon pages to trace onto the bed because we didn't need it to be too big, but we have used the overhead for wall projects in the past. It was very easy and when we were done, it was cool because we did it. :)



answers from Dallas on

K., yes, I used Cecil Albertson Web page This is her husband's web page but you could reach her thru him. She did life size figures for the kids.

Good Luck, B.


answers from Texarkana on

Hello Kelly

I am a Christian with a relationship, not just a religion and have painted many wall murals and special decorations for nurseries and children's rooms. I would be happy to talk with you about your project. You may call me at ###-###-#### (home) or ###-###-#### cell.

The Lord also gives me new songs for babies. All 12 of my grandsugars have their own song plus I do one-of-a-kind lullabies, too : ) Just if you're interested : )

You may see more about me at and at, also at (my husband of 40 years and I write together and have 9 titles published : )

God is GREAT!
Grami aka C.



answers from Dallas on

Hi Kelly:
Congratulations on your impending arrival! Do you know if it's a girl or a boy? You must be so thrilled! Do you have a due date yet?
I have been painting murals mostly in the Denton/Corinth area for the last three years. I've done murals, stained glass windows, and canvases for private homes, model homes, churches, and health clubs. If you would like to have a look at my website, please check out
You can e-mail me through this website.
Have a great day - C.



answers from Dallas on

My neighbor is a great painter. She had done design's in just about everyone's house, plus she has been in the business for over 10 years. She does everything from design/painting in model homes to restaurants. She is very talented and reasonable. If you want to get in touch with her, her email is Good Luck!


answers from Nashville on

K., I'm available. You can check me out at Just email me off the website, if you'd like to get together & talk about your project.


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