Painting Ceramic Tiles for Kids Project

Updated on March 03, 2010
S.S. asks from Seffner, FL
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Have any of you know what I need -- I want the kids at my 9 year old son's B'day party -- paint a tile -- whatever they want -- and I thought that there might be some kind of Tile painting kit I can buy but none is available. I am not very Artsy person -- so if any of you have done anything similar and can help me, that will be great.

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answers from Tampa on

Okay, here's what you do, get a plain garden stepping stone, paint it with any ordinary flat outdoor paint in whatever color he wants, then let him decorate it in any other design & colors he chooses and when he's done, seal it with clear spray lacquer! Wallah! you have a one of a kind "original work of art" Just respray every 2-3 months or so to keep from weathering!!...that only costs maybe $10

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I am a clay artist so I can offer you a couple options...

1) The easiest for a "non artsy person" is to go to a tile outlet and buy some white (or whatever color) tiles. Unglazed is best, but usually not available. Then you can go to a craft store and buy regular acrylic paints in the small bottles. They come in every color, and are about $1.00 for a 2 ounze bottle. They also sell a clear, craft spray paint. Like a varnish. So the kids would paint what they want w/ the colors, and you would then go back later and spray it w/ clear. You can also use 1/2 an egg carton to divide up the colors between kids. Each one gets a squirt of 4-6 different colors. (Otherwise they mix them all together!) We did this once w/ my sons Kindergarten class. It was awhile ago and I can't remember how long they took to dry,sorry. And the clear turned yellow a few months later. Some people don't care.

2) I believe it was in Michael's craft store I saw a paint for painting piggy banks. It was either air dry, or something you may have to put in the oven to cure. You can look into that too. Same idea- buy the tiles, and then use that paint on them. Personally, I would not put anything like that in my oven that I cook my families dinner in. Some people aren't bothered by it, but all that stuff gives off fumes. We breathe enough bad stuff in everyday, I don't want to add more.

3)If you want to do it right, this is what to do:
Find your local ceramics store/or paint your own pottery store. Go there, tell them what you are doing and ask if they can fire these tiles for you. If so- you'll buy unglazed tiles for the amount of kids, and extra in case parents want to try. Buy a few 2 ounze bottles of what is called "stroke n coat" or Duncan's brand is "concepts." They come in many different colors. You will also need a bottle of clear.Do the same thing I said above, give the kids a couple colors in an egg carton. Let it dry completely. Then dab the clear over top. DO NOT BRUSH ON THE CLEAR. Otherwise you'll rehydrate the colored glaze underneath and it will smear. Use a thick brush and DAB it. This store should also be able to sell you a pencil that won't burn off in the firing. You can write the kids names on the back of the tiles before they start. Because you won't remember later! You'll then need to take these back to the ceramic store to fire them. This way is going to be more expensive than the first 2 options- but this is the right way. Then you can always invite each kid over at another time for a play date and to pick up thier tile.

Email me if you have more questions. If you live in St.Pete, I could tell you where to buy these things. I might even be able to help you myself, and do the firing. Let me know.

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answers from Fort Myers on

I own a Paint Your Own Pottery studio in Ft Myers. It's called Paint Misbehavin'. We offer all the supplies to do a take home party. When you are done painting, you bring it to us and we glaze and fire it. You can check the member perks for more info. Also if you don't live in Ft Myers, you can do a search for paint your own pottery studios and find one in your area. Happy Paintng!

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Hi S.,
There is ceramic paint and you should be able to find it at Michael's. But read the you have to bake in the oven and one you don't. I belive the name brand is Delta Ceramic paint. The one you don't have to bake is designed to say-paint the tile on the wall around the kitchen counter. It is not as permanant as the bake kind. But it should be fine for what you are doing. You can have each boy pick out one color (be prepared that at least three will want the same color! or make it simple and only offer one color that matches the party theme) just pour a little at a time into small paper plates, Dixie cups tip over. The simple contrast of say blue on white will look more dramatic and less messy.
Being that they are nine year old boys they arn't going to want to sit still for long. keep the paint brushes small, boys usually like to paint fish (sharks seem to be the most popular) turtles and lizards.
If you can't find ceramic paint any basic acryic will do-
Americana and Delta should do fine. I don't suggest the brand name Craft-it is watery.
If you need any more help feel free to call me or e-mail me.
Just Have Fun!

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Off the Wall Ceramics & Glass in Tampa off of Fletcher ###-###-#### can totally help you. You will need to buy the tiles from them ( I think about .75 each - they have 2 sizes) and you will need to purchase whatever color glazes you would like. I suggest the Gare products - best color. Try and choose brighter colors - the browns and blacks don't go over too well. To get the most vibrant color 3 coats are needed but they have a chart that shows you what one coat, 2 caots and 3 coats look like. You will need brushes which they also sell and a clear glaze that you will brush on a few coats on the front of the tile after all the tiles are dry. Then you can take the finished tiles back to Off the Wall and they will fire them in the kiln for you - Sharon James is the owner she will be very helpful.

I worked there as well as a paint your own pottery studio so if you have any questions let me know - plus I paint pottery on the side.

K. Barreto

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There is a paint... Porcelaine that is sold definitely at Michaels, maybe at JoAnns. We used it last year in Girl Scouts. The girls paint ceramic plain things (we got cups and glasses at the dollar store) then you bake it in the oven. Michaels also sold cute plain white ceramic items, but they were more expensive... they had a really cute piggy bank!!

Here is a hit I found when I googled it that describes the product

Have fun


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answers from Tampa on

I would look into having it at a ceramic painting place ... that way kids can chose what to paint and they are set up with all the colors, etc ... less expense for you.

Not sure where you live, but we did a party at Cafe Kiln in Oldsmar for our daughter two years ago, and everyone seemed to love it!

Good luck

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Go to Home Depot ask for some small tiles for children to paint. I used white tiles and pressed stencil patterns flowers, bugs, etc. Then the children painted them.



answers from Tampa on

try looking in michaels. i think i saw some tile kits in there.



answers from Fort Myers on

Call The Pottery Garden on McGregor in Fort Myers. They host parties there, but you can also get supplies for a "Party to Go" if you want to do the party at home. We just had my 9 year old daughter's birthday party there.



answers from Lakeland on

Picasso's Cup in Lakeland has bday packages. You can do tiles there. They supply all the materials and then fire the tiles. It is reasonable. I had my daughter's party there. You come back in about a week and pick up the pieces and then distribute them to who they belong to. They allow cake and stuff, too. They are on Harden, across from Target in that new shopping center, near the theatre.



answers from Sarasota on

I have gotten some great ideas for kids parties on

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