Painting a Refrigerator

Updated on April 02, 2011
A.V. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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I am remodeling my kitchen and purchasing black appliances. My refrigerator is only one year old and is white. Has anyone painted their refridgerator? Did you do it or hire someone else to paint it? I am looking at my options.

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answers from Albany on

Yes, we did! In the old days (90s, tehehe) we had a hideous kitchen. First thing we did was take all the old appliances out in the back yard and paint them. Cleaned them up, sanded them down, used a Rustoleum Product specifically for painted appliances in a brushed steel color. They came out GORGEOUS. You would never know they were NOT brushed steel!

(But it WAS a lot of work, and was actually a little pricey, the spray cans cost maybe ten bucks each and we went through a Zillion of them, well pricey for THOSE days anyway!)


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answers from Dallas on

My sister in law did that same thing - white to black. I think they actually had someone do it but you would never know it wasn't originally black. Turned out great and they are still using it years later. There is specially appliance paint though that you have to use.

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answers from San Francisco on

I painted a dishwasher once. I just spray painted it, and it worked out great. Ask the people at the hardware store if there is a special kind of spray paint to use -- I think there is, but I painted mine a few years ago, and I don't remember what I used.

When you spray it, you have to keep moving your arm and give it multiple thin coats, so that you don't have any drips. And obviously you will have to tape off the seams and handle.

You also should do it outside, if possible.

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answers from Dallas on

Years ago, in our college apt we painted a horrible avacado green stove black. We used bbq paint that is made especially for high heat surfaces. It was a lot of work but it came out ok. It didn't last, however. And not all black looks the same. So, even if you paint it, it wont have the same finish or exact hue as the others.
My suggestion wuold be to put an ad to trade on Craigslist with someone that has black and wants white. Or sell it on Craigslist and buy a used one at a quality used appliance store. That way you get the one you want and a waranty.

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answers from Boston on

We repainted our white one white. Hubby went to lowes and picked up some appliance paint it looked new when he was finished.

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answers from Dallas on

My brother in law painted his purple with spray paint. It looked great. (It was actually for a keg-arator that he kept outside, purple is his favorite color :) )

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, I've painted a fridge. I did mine Stainless steel and I didn't like it, but my mom did her's from white to black and it came out GREAT! I don't remember they type of paint, etc., but google the steps, it works, and it was GREAT!



answers from Tyler on

While living in St. Louis, I had my refrigerator painted almond to match the appliances in our newly built house. It turned out great. BUT I hired someone to do it. I would never attempt something like that myself.

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