Painful Nipples in Cold Weather

Updated on December 12, 2009
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
7 answers

Just wanted to ask if anybody experienced this during pregnancy. It's my third winter here and never had this problem before, so that's why I am relating it to pregnancy.It's a totally weird question but anyways .. . My nipples get very painful when I am out in the cold (bitter MN cold) The pain continues for couple minutes after I am in a heated place before it goes away. I wear sweater and my winter coat , so I am warm enough. I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms now like breast tenderness etc just the weird pain in just both nipples in the cold.

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answers from Omaha on

If you're pregnant than anything can make your nipples sore! Trust me, I know. It's hormonal!



answers from Minneapolis on

When I first started nursing my nipples hurt like that too. Just getting undressed to get into the shower would make them hurt. I saw a lactation consultant. In my case my son had caused nerve damage. She told me to take vitamin b6 because it is an anti-inflamatory. I had also taken it early in my pregnancy because of morning sickness. Check with your doctor about how much you could take. It really did help!



answers from Omaha on

LMAO! I have three children. Just had my third actually 2 weeks ago. Well I always have that in the bitter cold Nebraska weather when I'm pregnant. It is a horrid thing. It gets far worse when I'm nursing though. I go around with my hands on my breasts under my coat when it's cold out. My hubby laughs at me. Yesterday it was like 15 degrees and it hurt so bad I told my hubby I wasn't leaving the car and he could do all our errands. LOL!

Massage them a little and it will hurt less. Yes massaging your nipples will look weird but I've found it relaxes them and the pain goes away. Nothing else works. My doctor said its them constricting and that is why it hurts. Makes sense because the nipples look all funny while it happens.

But I haven't found anything else helps. Lanolin I'm allergic to beings it's a wool derivative but I tried the cherry chapstick and that didn't help. As soon as I walk out in the cold BAM! It hurts so freakin bad. I thought I was the only one.



answers from Reno on

oh yes definitely experienced that... try lanolin on them before you go out



answers from Des Moines on

I used to call it my "booby attacks"! LOL The pain would take my breath away! Make sure to keep your skin moisturized, wear layers, stay away from indoor drafts, very cold food, and the freezer section of the the grocery aisles! This too shall pass. I also have Raynaud's, but only had problem's with my nipples when pregnant. Good luck and God bless!



answers from St. Cloud on

Oh my word! I know exactly what you are talking about!!! Ask your doctor about Raynaud's(pronounced ray-nodes) Phenomena. It's common for people to have it affect their hands, feet and nose but only a small percentage of women are affected in the nipple area. Oh joy, right? It hurts!

DEFINITELY ask your doc about it. If they haven't heard of it, they should research it for you. It can make breastfeeding a living hell. I had pain so bad while nursing that I would bite my lip until it bled. It was so awful! I hope you don't have that problem while nursing!

Congrats on your pregnancy!



answers from Green Bay on

...very strange symptoms!! I'm sure that is no fun whatsoever. The only thing I could think of when reading your request were these little 'pads' that the nurses in the hospital gave me after the birth of my babies. They were amazing with nipple pain that goes along with the first week of breastfeeding. You can find them at any CVS, etc. They're like silicone-type circular pads and I put them in my bra. The relief was incredible and almost immediate. If you can't find them, call your local birthing center and see if they know what I'm talking about. Maybe they can tell you where to find them in your area. Again - they were a godsend all three babies for me! Good luck!

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