Pain on Chest Under My Bra Band--not Going Away

Updated on July 23, 2010
J.W. asks from Billings, MT
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Just wanted to see if anyone has any advice before I go to the doctor. About 2 months ago I noticed I had a sore spot under one breast where my bra band hits. Just a little tender, no bruising or anything else I can see. It has been coming and going for a while. I havn't worn a bra much in the last 2 months, hoping that was the problem, but it is still tender even when I'm braless. There isnt any lump there. Somedays it doesn't hurt at all. It is very wierd. I am extremely small chested (barely A). I havn't had any changes in my body recently. My youngest is 4. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Anyone else expierenced this?

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So What Happened?

I did stop into the doctor, Turns out I pulled a muscle that connects my ribs.

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answers from Boise on

I have read all the responses and need to add one more possibility.

Hypothyroidism. Go online and look up the symptoms and see if any others jive.

Sometimes chest pain can be helped, if it is readiating from the heart, with magnesium malate 500 mg daily.

Someone said fibrocystic breasts- these can be helped with iodine. Lugiols iodine taken internally.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

Hi J.! please go to the dr asap! not to scare you, but I had the same thing! I had this pain underneath my breast and I couldn't stand using a bra, it hurst and I didn't feel or see anything on my breast, and I waited 7 months (no joke). and then it kept progressing inside my breast that pain. I finally spoke to my dr and he said might be the muscle, blah, blah, gave me some muscle relaxes pills, didn't work at all! so one day I got tired of it and I told him I wanted a mammogram asap, he did and also an ultrasound. They found some nodules on the right breast (weird cause both hurt but the left breast it was worst), and to check back in 6 months. But I asked the nurse dr what can I take for the pain, she was reluctant and said tylenol..yup I got so upset, that thank god my ins doesn't require a referral I went directly to a breast center, (this was 3 weeks ago that I saw this specialist) the best thing I could have ever done, I took my results in and she did another ultrasound, found I had fibrocystic cysts (and a lot of them) on both of the breast but one big one in the left one. Which she told me not to be scared but do have to monitor it more often and also gave me some antibiotic to see if the cysts can be decreased in size. So, I'm scheduled for another mammogram next week and see the specialist in the middle of august. And believe it or not i'm only 30 years old.

I tell you all this so you can see my story and not wait thinking it might go away or anything else....please go check yourself and if you don't feel right w/the results go further see another dr, get a 2nd opinion. That's the best you can do, believe me I feel so much better about my decision and the care I'm having now. good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

My advice is to go to the doctor.
It may not be related to breast cancer, but my experience is that your OB/GYN, Primary Care physician will NOT mess around with any pain or abnormality with your breasts.

After the birth of my second child, I was having breast pain as well. They diagnosed mastitis, but I was also referred to a breast center for an ultrasound just to be safe.

Because I was eventually diagnosed with an unrelated cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma), I just had my first mammogram last week, 5 years ahead of schedule. I was called in 2 days later for more images (I was a stinking bundle of nerves), and was told I was fine. Deep breaths and crossed fingers.

But, with more than 200K women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, they'll take it very seriously. My hope is that it's completely unrelated and easily treated.

Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

As a breast cancer survivor (just finished chemo last week), I see no reason to wait any longer to have it checked out. It could be absolutely nothing, but I wouldn't want to take that chance. Explain these symptoms to your doctor and let them tell you what's going on. They are much more likely to have seen these symptoms before than people on this message board. Please go to the doctor. If there IS something wrong, early intervention is key, so don't take any chances. It's not worth it. Hope you get it resolved and it's no biggie!

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answers from Denver on

I get that when I have a misalgined rib. I visit my chiropractor and ice it.



answers from Detroit on

I would go get it checked for piece of mind but it sounds like what I have. I have arthritis and the breast bone becomes inflammed and causes the pain especially if I wear a bra a long time because it hits right there on the bone. I have had this for years in fact since I was in my teens. I do take a natural supplement called Joint Formula from Arbonne for my arthritis which has helped and I only really notice it if I lift or pull something too much. Ask them about Arthritis when you go get checked. I have a history of ulcers so I can't take Ibuprofen and Motrin but Arbonne's Joint Formula has White Willow Bark (natures aspirin) a natural pain reliever I give credit to that for my not having the pain anymore. If you would like more information please private message me for my email etc.
Good Luck,



answers from Salt Lake City on

I had pain where my bra band is and it ended up being my gall bladder, back pain too. Once I had my gall bladder removed that pain went away.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have been studying about the eastern philosophy of why we have pain and illness. It is very interesting and seems to make much more since than western medicine. They believe that all pain and illness is caused by blockages in your meridian systems. This is your internal energy. There are several ways to help clear blocked energy. Eastern doctors have been clearing energy for over 5000 years with acupuncture. There is a relatively new technology which uses nanotechnology to open the meridians. It is a patch - nothing enters the body. You can check this out at I have seen people have unbelievable results, clearing their blockages and improving their health. Feel free to contact me to ask me any questions. You can also call me at ###-###-####



answers from Washington DC on

Did you ever have chicken pox? If you did, it could be a mild outbreak of shingles. It manifests mostly on the chest right over the rib cage, under the breast area. Go see your doctor about it and ask if this could be it.