Pain Medications and Pregnancy

Updated on October 28, 2008
R.S. asks from Lincoln, CA
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Ok. I need some input, from mother's who were unable to withdrawl from pain medications during pregnancy and can provide me some input. (I realize that no medications during pregnancy is best, and I am fully aware of my risks).
I sustained a back injury in 2003. I had surgery in 2004. I have been on continual pain medications for several years.
With my first pregnancy, I was able to withdrawl and get down to approximately 5mg of vicodin as well as tylenol each day. That was a true accomplishemnt. With this pregnancy, I have not been so fortunate. I have withdrawn to 20mg of vicodin a day as well as my previous pregnancy regimen, but it hasnt worked. I see the chiropractor 2 times each week and am trying to strengthen my muscles further to help with the pain.
Are their mothers out there who continued to take pain medication during pregnancy with no withdrawl symptoms from the baby after delivery? What medication and what was your dosage? obviously the benefit outweighs the risk but I guess im looking to put my mind at ease.

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answers from Sacramento on

As a detox counselor My greatest suggesting for you is to confront your OB doctor on this as it is a serious condition to withdraw while pregnant. It is something you DO NOT want to do.
It would be best for you to contact a metadone clinic and have them help you with this until you deliver and pain management. It is never a safe thing to try and detox while pregnate.
As someone who has also experienced this while pregnante it causes great stress on the baby, withdraw, respitary failure, renal falure, failure to thrive, and much more.

There are several good clinic around one of them being Bi Valley Medical Clinic that has a pre natal program for mothers with opoide problems be it pain medication to herione addiction.
Please do your baby and your self the best thing by getting your OB doctor to refer you for an assessment. A OB doctor is NOT a dexoticologist and so they do not always understand all the process for detox or maintenence.

20mg of vicodine are different for each person.

if your taking 2 10/500 or at a time or 1 20/500 one time a day or taking them 2 time or three times a day makes a big difference.

This needs to be assessed by a medical staff and counselor in the field of detox to determine exactly how and what will work best.

20mg could mean anything to taking one pill 4 time a day for a total of 20 mg to 20mg 3 time a day.

blood levels will determine where your are at and what needs to be done.

If any mothers here tell you differently I hope you will reconsider and follow this advise.

If you have any mor questions on this please feel free to contact me. I have worked as a detox counselor for several years working with such cases as this.



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answers from Sacramento on

Hi, I am a mom of 4 and have been through severe back injuries and pain/ meds, etc. At one point I was 100% disabled about 18 months ago.

I have been working with a chiropractor who works with some spectacular machines to include a pro adjuster and a decompression machine. These machines and his expertise kept me from back surgery. He personally recovered from a severe back injury and paralysis. We now work together as a team to help others.

In addition, I am a nutritional consultant and was able to get off all meds via some all natural products that lowered my toxic body burden. Toxins pool around nerve sites. I may be able to offer you some much safer alternatives to the drugs which definitely have side effects for the baby. I would encourage you to watch:

This is a 10 minute documentary which will outline the challenges we and our children are facing.

Also, ... umbilical cord study.

Our children are already at risk, pain meds is not a good idea as you well know.

I would be honored to speak with you after you watch the documentary and share with you a different approach if you wuld like. The products I use are all natural and safe. In fact, your baby could definitely benefit with you.

You can reach me via the comment section or this email

Take Care.. L. M.



answers from Sacramento on

Hi R.,
I'm hoping you have talked to your OB about taking a pregnancy category C drug during your pregnancy and he/she explained the likelihood of your baby having withdrawal symptoms and possibility of respiratory depression. Major scary stuff. I personally don't know of anyone who continued narcotics during pregnancy, the person to talk to would be your pharmacist. On a side note, have you tried acupuncture for your pain? Combining it with chiropractics may help your back pain. I've also heard it used for withdrawal too. Good luck to you.



answers from Sacramento on

Ask your Dr. about some of the alternatives to pain medication that are available. I don't know what all is available, but have heard of some things for older people. There may be something you can do to help you cope with the pain without using the meds. One thing that I know about is a topical ointment, similar to Ben Gay, but in my opinion much more effective. It's available from the Melaleuca company. If you're interested but don't know anyone who sells Melaleuca products, email me and I can get you information on several people who do.

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