Pain in Pelvis and Hips

Updated on November 27, 2006
D.C. asks from Harrisburg, PA
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Ok, its not really a complication but there really wasnt another option for this and this was the closest fit.

This is my second preganancy and I'm getting alot of pain in my pelvis and hips when I lay down. Walking around I'm fine but when I lay down for too long it just hurts and then it's hard to walk for a little while. I am between 19 and 21 weeks (the ultrasound will confirm the dates becuase there was a two week discrimpensy between my last period and the size of the baby) and I don't remember having this problem until much later in my last pregnancy. My doctor did say I was carrying low so could this be it? Does anyone have any tips on how to releive the pain somewhat? Or should I just buy some extrastrgnth tylenol for pain and press on?

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So What Happened?

Ok, so I've deceded to just tuff it out. Thank you everyone for your advice. I find that if I sit on all fours and kinda sway back and forth that helps with the problem. I'm going to hold out on meds unless its something I have to get up and be ready for quickly. Thank you again everyone! You were all so helpful and it really helped to know that I wasn't alone in this :)

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I am right there with you. Actually I am 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow, but I have been experiencing the same type of discomfort since about 20 weeks. This is also my second pregnancy, and I too do not recall felling this type of pain during my first pregnancy, at least not that soon. My first daughter is now 5 years old.

I think the pressure/pain is because I am carrying much lower during this pregnancy. My baby has also been head down for at least the past 2 months, whereas my first baby did not turn until about 33/34 weeks. Earlier in my pregnancy, I experienced more pain in my hips and a lot of stiffness when I first got up in the morning. I also found it difficult to get moving when I sat at my desk for long periods of time during the work day. For the past month I have experienced less pain and more of what I would describe as a lot of pressure and discomfort in my lower abdomen and pelvis.

I have just been trying to take it easy as much as possible with a full-time demanding job and an 8 year old stepdaughter and 5 year old daughter at home. My husband is very supportive. I have tried not to take much medication, even though I know Tylenol is supposed to be OK. I have taken Tylenol at times when I have specific plans and I know I need to be "up to the occasion", but I try to limit it (just a personal choice). I have also known other moms-to-be who have done the same.

Good luck and take it easy.

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You might try doing some gentle stretching or yoga poses occasionally. Maybe when you first get up from resting try to do a couple to loosen the muscles in that area. I'm sure you know that it's always best to rely on meds for pain relief as little as possible. Another thought... I'm on my third pregnancy since dec 02 so each time I'm busier and on my feet more. I know you said it hurts after laying down too long, but maybe it's actually building up from the time you are on your feet. Since you have a 1 year old already, you are probably busy and distracted while you are up and about. You probably aren't getting to rest as often as would be ideal either. So when you do get to rest your body has to recover and the discomfort sets in. Just a theory - but definitely seemed to happen with me in my second and I'm noticing again in my third (I'm about 17 weeks).

Another non-med idea is trying a book called "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue. It offers different sets of exercises to help relieve various pains in every part of the body. When you first look at it, you think "this is too easy, what can it possibly do?" My husband and I both have back pain from time to time and the series of exercises in this book are about the only thing that helps at times. We go to the chiropractor and get some relief, but doing a set of the prescribed exercises is like an immediate miracle cure. The exercises are designed to help train your body parts to focus on their assigned roles and not compensate other areas. Again, the exercises may seem silly or too simple, but they really do work...and immediately.

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I had the same kind of pain with my last baby whos turning 1 Dec. 11th. Theres not really nothing you can do about it but relax when it happens. I was told it was how the baby was laying that it was on a certain nerve. I wouldn't try the tylenol unless the doc says so. They are very particular with what you can & can't have anymore. They just siggested regular tylenol for me. Im sorry I couldnt give you better advise, but thats all I can tell you sit & take it easy when that happens. Congratulations!

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I hurt much more my second pregnancy. My doctor said it was memory response. Your body remembers what it had to do last time you were pregnant and does it faster the second time around so it hurts more. Your hips are spreading to help deliver the baby. I would ask your doc if there is anything other than pain meds you can do to relieve the pain. Sorry I could not be more help.

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I just joined today and this caught my eye. I too have been having alot of pain in my hips and pelvis. I have bad hips to begin with but this pregnancy has made it 100 times worse. It hurts to sit, stand, walk, lay down, sit on the toilet, everything! I can hardly get up from the bed and last night actually had to sleep out on a chair in the living room for a while.
I am just lucky I am having my c-section this week!
I use a pillow between my legs and it does seem to help a little, very little though. It helped more earlier on in the pregnancy. Now that I am the size of a house, it doesn't seem to do anything anymore, but I still use it.
So that's my suggestion, use a pillow between your legs or sleep in a reclining chair at night.
I have asked my OB time and time again about it but they all just keep telling me it's normal.