Pain in My Breast

Updated on August 28, 2010
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Hey momma's. Man I ask a lot of questions. Well the latest is about me now. For the past day or two I've had a pain in my left nipple. It's a sharp pain that lasts for a couple of seconds then goes a way for a couple minutes then comes back. It does this a couple times then stops for an hour or two then will start the cycle over. I don't BF any more and haven't for months. It doesn't feel like letdown at all, but is sharp and HURTS!! I've It's on the inside of my breast on not anything that is touching. I've checked and double checked to see if it's just something that landed in my bra, but nothing is there. So I'm at a loss as to what It could be.Any idea's? I do have my yearly lady dr appt coming up in October, but if I need to go sooner, I'll make the appt on monday.

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So What Happened?

lol I can't be pregnant unless I can get preggers by sitting on a toilet seat. I'm a single mom and not dating anyone. My period ended last week, and I don't wear underwire since none fit me right :(

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Are you close to starting your period? I know with me, like a week before my period starts, I get these sharp pains sometimes in my breasts or a whole lot of tenderness. I'm not a doctor, but to me, it sounds like you may have a cyst. I had one and it does cause sharp pains. When I went for my first mammogram two years ago, it showed a cyst. I didn't even know it was there. I got so used to the way my breast felt (the pain that is), that I just lived with it. Once it was aspirated, I felt a whole lot better and do not get that many pains as I did years before. Not to scare you, but when I had my aspiration done, I learned that if you have breast cancer, you do not feel pain, usually pain is caused by a cyst.

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answers from Erie on

I suggest going bra-less for a day or two and see if that helps. I got a plugged duct a full two years after I weaned my last baby, it was caused by a restrictive underwire bra I had just purchased. It doesn't sound like you need to go to the doctor any sooner, but keep an eye on it and call them if it gets worse over the next week.

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there isnt a chance your preggers is there? right before i took the test, i had sharp pains in one of my breasts for a few days. i mean it hurt...not sore like before my was sharp pain and then poof i tested positive for pregnancy and i didnt have them anymore.



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Here's one possibility (taken from

Many people haven’t ever heard of Raynaud’s phenomenon. This condition usually affects women from about 20 to 50 years of age. For some women, Raynaud’s affects the nipple whether or not she may be pregnant or breastfeeding. This is a situation where there is an abnormal spasm of arteries supplying blood to the fingers or toes, closing off blood supply and causing numbness, burning, tingling, pain- sometimes very intense pain and a temporary loss of color (blanching, pallor, waxy white). The skin of the affected area can also turn blue from lack of oxygen. When the circulation returns, there is sometimes a temporary flushing before returning to normal. The normal skin color goes from white to red, or raspberry to normal, or white to blue to red, or raspberry to normal.

It is this biphasic or triphasic color change that helps in the unique diagnosis of Raynaud’s. The triggers which usually set off the vasospasm are cold or rapid temperature changes and sometimes emotional stress. At a conference, I heard of a family of women that never wanted to swim because of the painful blanching of their nipples. The poor young ladies thought this happened to all women and didn’t understand how other girls could stand it for swimming!

Raynaud’s of the nipple in breastfeeding women is usually described as excruciating nipple and breast pain after nursing, pumping /expressing milk and at other times when the nipple is cold or wet. It is always associated with the biphasic or triphasic color change. Sometimes the areola can also change shape while this is happening. Not all women who experience nipple blanching and pain have Raynaud’s phenomenon. However it can be misdiagnosed as nipple vasospasm for other problems such as poor latch or confused with pain from yeast or Candida albicans infections. It can also happen simultaneously with other breastfeeding problems. It is always important to get evaluated by your medical provider or Lactation professional.

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