Pain and Headache with Prenatal Vitamins

Updated on April 21, 2013
H.H. asks from San Clemente, CA
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I have been terrible at taking my prenatals, I don't feel well after taking them. With my daughter I lasted about 6 weeks and stopped. I had a second and third pregnancy (ending in miscarrage) and couldn't manage them then either. Now while trying for my 4th pregnancy, I'm trying to just stay on them. For the third day in a row now I feel first a familiar head ache that seems to be from the vitamin, followed by a pain/ tightness in my throat which feels like the vitamin is stuck (though I doubt it is). Then, a tightness in my chest which makes it hard to take a deep breath. The sensation last most of the day. Has this happened to anyone else? (I'm taking Nature Made, but have had problems with many other prescription types as well)

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answers from Los Angeles on

You are not alone!
I never could take mine and I tried several. They would make me nauseous and would literally gag trying to swallow them. Definately try to find other alternatives for getting the nutrition be it liquid, gummies or even a powder. There are other options sweetie! I found a blue green algae was pack full of vitamins, omega 3's and the list goes on... Do you realize that the headaches most often are related to dehydration? Are you drinking enough water? If so maybe your not drinking the right water. Water is a very phenominal property and essential for our health. Our bodies are 70-80% water so the key to staying in good health is being hydrated. Have you heard of Alkaline Ionized water? I invite you to browse my website and please don't hesitate to contact me if you do have any ??'s Hydration is my specialty but have studied natural and alternative modalities as well. I can show you how to have calcium, magnesium, and high levels of antioxidants all from a glass of water!



answers from New York on

This is my first pregnancy. And i have started my prenatal vitamin on Tuesday this week and have been feeling awful my throat and head aches and back pain. I also have tightness. In my chest If you hear any feed back let me know i feel the need to take them but the fact is i cant go on feeling so terrible.



answers from Los Angeles on

Are they the same prenatals for all 4 pregnancies? If so, it might be what the prenatal is wrapped in. Our food is so diminished in nutrients that taking vitamins are essential in order to get what we need, pregnant or not. Through leaching of the soil and the constant washing and then cooking/overcooking of the food we lose pretty much all nutrients.
With that being said... email me back and let me know what ones you are taking and with the ingredient list and I can possibly tell you what it is that might be causing your headache. Also, it takes 3 ounces of water PER PILL to get them through your esophagus.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes! I talked to my OBGYN and she told me to take them at night, but also prescribed me something that was much easier on my body then the OTC one's that had initially been recommended.

Talk to your doctor if you haven't already. Congrats and best of luck!!!



answers from Honolulu on

There are "liquid" type vitamins as well... you may try that route, instead.
They make them for children, and adults as well.
When pregnant, the Omega/DHA vitamins are important to take as well... it helps with brain development as well as other aspects.

Next, could it be just bad morning sickness you are experiencing? When I was pregnant, with both my pregnancies, I had BAD morning sickness AND migraines. It was not related to my prescription prenatal vitamins however.

But what did get rid of my morning sickness/migraines, completely, was acupuncture. Which was recommended by my OB/GYN.

But tell your Doctor about what you are experiencing, I'm sure he/she has had other patients who react that way to vitamins as well, with pregnancy. (I'm sorry, I wasn't sure if your "are" pregnant or are trying to get pregnant).

All the best,



answers from San Diego on

Why on EARTH continue to take them then???

Mine did the same I stopped. They caused a HUGE number of problems. BUT I could get everything I needed out of chewables and a few supplements...which DID NOT cause those problems. Who cares what the name of the pill is? It's what it supplies to your body that is important.

It's actually way better to get your vits/mins from food sources, but vitamins are an okay substitute when you can't afford to eat that way. If you EAT something and it makes you nauseous, ill, gives you headaches, allergic you keep eating it? Nope. You find an alternate source. For example...I can't drink milk (love it anyway though). But I CAN eat cheese and I CAN eat spinach. If I'm going for calcium, I eat spinach. If I'm going for the fats/proteins... I go for cheese. Ditto Iodine. If I'm eating a lot of shrimp...I don't use iodized salt (I use Kosher). If there's nearly no iodine in my diet, I use iodized salt.

It's the nutrients that are important...not the name "prenatal" on the jar. You being sick and miserable is NOT going to help your baby. Find another source. Be that children's chewables, or food sources, or supplements, or all 3.

:) Give yourself a break darlin'



answers from Las Vegas on

Ah - I too hated taking prenatal vitamins. They made me terribly nauseous. The fact that your throat is closing is not a good sign. You might be allergic to something in it or maybe it is just too big for your throat. What I did to get through it was to take children's chewable vitamins and just doubled the dose. I told my OBGYN that I was doing that and he was fine with it. Definitely talk to your doctor, there are several different kinds of prenatals on the market so maybe you need to try a different one, but I liked the children's chewables best!



answers from Los Angeles on

I love my prenatals so much I've been taking them even though I'm neither pre or post natal! LOL!! Have you tried a different brand? Have you tried taking them before bed?

The one's I take are by Super Nutrition - PreNatal Blend. Good stuff! It's an antioxidant rick multi vitamin. The lady at Henry's told me she has men buying them for themselves! LOL! They are pricey but worth it considering what you are trying to make. You do take 6 a day, 3 at a time but for me, they go right down and I've never had any side effects from them like I have from other brands.

As a side note, maybe keep a food journal for a week or two just to rule out the possibility of your symptoms being caused from anything else - unless you know for sure it's from the preNatals.

Best wishes,