Pain After C-section - Iowa Falls,IA

Updated on October 09, 2010
H.B. asks from Iowa Falls, IA
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how long after your c-section did you still experience pain in the area of your incision?

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answers from Detroit on

I had one about 2 months ago and about 6 weeks after, the incision and muscle area finally stopped being painful with activity. However, I still have pain at the incision if it is touched or hit wrong. And it still feels tender to the touch. Even if I just lightly brush it, it is like the nerves are very sensitive.



answers from Lakeland on

After my first c-section about 2 months and then it was numb. After this past c-section (2 1/2 months ago), about 3 weeks and now its numb again. Every once in a while if I twist or bend a certain way, I will feel a tug or a twitch and that can be painful. But the scar itself does not bother me at all.

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answers from New York on

While my sister-in-law recovered very quickly and had hardly any pain after her c-section I did not find that to be my experienc. (I have a high threshold for pain too - my first child was born without any anesthesia - I was in labor for hours and didn't realize I should hurry up and get to the hospital - so I had her 40 minutes after getting there.)
After my c-section I was still "rolling" to get up out of bed many weeks later. It was month and months before my incision didn't feel tender. My son is 11 and I stil have numbness in the incision area and I still have an area on the front of my thigh that is numb due to the nerves being cut. Most connection grow back - but this one spot - about an inch across will be always be numb I guess.
Give yourself time to heal - you had abdominal surgery for Pete's sake. When my husband had hernia surgery about 18 months after my c-section you would have thought he had heart surgery! Only then did he realize how tender I must have been after my c-section.
Everyone heals differently and feels pain differently. Even different parts of the body may differ. Go easy on yourself - ask for help (don't expect it but ask).take naps when you can and don't worry about cleaning the house. The hosue will always get messy. there's always more time to clean, but you and you child are only at this point in your life once. Enjoy your baby and allow yourself to get better mamma!

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answers from Orlando on

I am currently 11 weeks post c-section. I stopped feeling pain about 4 weeks after and numbness left about 7 weeks post-op. The key for me was to wear a compression garment 24hrs post-op for about 4 weeks. This stabalized the area and also protected the incision from any bumps that would be painful.



answers from New York on

I didn't experience pain after a month but I am still numb there 3 years later. My mother is numb at the scar as well and that's 35 years.



answers from Houston on

My daughter is 3 1/2 and I still feel numb, sore and when I accidentally touch it the wrong way I get some pain. Although not as bad as when it was "brand new"



answers from Detroit on

With my first c section I was in terrible pain for about 2 weeks. With my second (4 years ago) I don't recall much pain at all. My Dr. told me that I was given some new type of pain medication to ease the discomfort or pain after delivery. However, I remember having a reaction that caused me to scratch like crazy. The iching was all over my body and it actually burned the itch was so intense. They continued to give me cortizone while in the hospital. I when I got home I continued not to have much if any pain however, my incision did come open and it took weeks to close.



answers from Chicago on

10 years and counting. If I sweat, I get a rash at my incision site too. :-(



answers from Omaha on

I had 3 c sections. I experienced pain at the incision sight for about 4 weeks. It takes a long time for all those layers of muscle and skin to heal. Still had occasional tenderness for a couple of months. Give it time, do as your dr's say for recovery. And DO NOT do any heavy lifting. No more than 5 lbs at first. If you do not follow these rules, you could have pain indefinately.



answers from Honolulu on

It takes 6 weeks, post-op, for c-section recovery. At which time during this period, you may still need to be careful of your bodily movements and heavy lifting etc.

Ask your OB/GYN... about how long, the 'pain' lasts.
Get a medical answer to this.

Are you having "pain" or 'tenderness & sensitivity?" Pain... or discomfort & achiness? Pain or REAL pain and it getting worse?

I had c-sections.... but the initial "pain" subsides... then it became tenderness and discomfort if while doing certain movements etc. The actual incision... was sort of 'numb'... but that subsides too. For me, it took about a year. Then, I didn't notice it so much.

The main thing is... the 'pain' should in time, diminish... and then it is sort of 'tender' or sensitive in the area.
BUT if your pain is not subsiding or getting worse... then, you need to tell your Doctor.

all the best,



answers from Charlotte on

The pain went away after about 2 months, the numbness continued for about 7 or 8 months. I still have itching around the area and sometimes when I am on my period my cramps are more "achy" then they used to be. My son will be 1 at the end of the month. My friend however whose son is also almost 1 still has pain all the time and her doctor told her it was normal.


answers from Detroit on

21 years later, still hurts!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

For a while with my first. Hardly at all with the second.



answers from Rapid City on

i was pretty much pain and discomfort free 6 weeks after. i am diabetic so maybe took me longer. best of luck and remember to wear things that don't rub and irritate the area!


answers from Dallas on

it has been 18 months for me and I still feel a "numb" sensation at my scar and just every now and again, it will be tender. I have to remind myself of all the nerves and tissue that were cut in that sensitive area & are still healing and being strengthened.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

The actual pain for me lasted at least a year and my daughter is now 3 1/2 and I'm still somewhat sensitive- but most things about my C seem to not be the norm among my friends...

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