Packing for the Hospital to Have a Baby.

Updated on July 22, 2013
I.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
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Its not like I've never done this before, but my brain is in a scramble and I cannot think straight or keep organized right now. What were some things you were really happy you brought to the hospital? I'm a scheduled C-section and thats a three day stay.


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answers from New York on

I am with Canuck. Brownies and a chocolate Fribble from Friendly's immediately after baby is born lol.

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answers from Washington DC on

Used barely anything that I packed for delivery #1 based on suggestions. Delivery #2, I brought a camera, boppy, adult diapers (for the bleeding), a comb, hair ties, toothbrush and toothpaste, her going home outfit, my own pjs for the overnight stay, a nursing bra, and clothes to go home. Anything else I needed (soap, shampoo, deodorant, and lip balm) came in a pack along with the funny slippers with the rubber strips and the johnny they make you wear during delivery.


answers from Boston on

Your own pajamas, and a robe or sweater in case you can't control the temperature. Decent slippers so you don't need the slipper socks which are dorky looking and hard to put on if you've had an incision.

Earplugs if you will have a roommate. An eye shade (the kind with comfy compression pads) to block out light and let you sleep during the day if you've been up all night.

The baby's journal or whatever you are using for jotting down any thoughts, reflections, or (yes I know it's early) milestones. A good ice pack so you don't have to wait for them to bring you one for your incision area. Your husband or any visitor can grab some ice from the patient kitchen area if the aides are tied up. Deodorant. Pad of paper and pen so you can write down what you forgot. (!) Phone numbers for anyone you want to call.

Remember that someone will be going back and forth from home to hospital for other things you may need.


answers from Chicago on

I would get Depend briefs (the underwear type). The hospital had huge pads and thin gauzy underwear for me to wear afterwards that was just uncomfortable. I had a c-section for both of my kids because they were so big! I had a bag for my first that was full with items from a checklist I got from some website. My 2nd time I took less. I took comfortable clothes to wear home and slippers because the non-slip socks the hospital gave me were not comfortable for walking on. I also took travel size shower items. I wouldn't bring any clothes to wear except what you wear home. You'll be bleeding and don't want to mess up your own's expected that hospital gowns may get messed or soiled. If you have a Boppy or small firm pillow, it helps to make support your incision area. I had a small wedge pillow meant to be used with a Boppy to raise my baby up more, but used it for support before and after pregnancy by wedging under my stomach when lying on my side.
I will say each c-section is different and not just for each person. When I had my son I was not able to walk or eat until the next day. When I had my daughter just over a year later (hence my username :D), I was eating by lunch and walking by early evening the same day I had her.

Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

Hair: Brush, hair ties, shampoo & conditioner
Teeth: Toothbrush & toothpaste
Body: Lotion, deodorant, maybe makeup if that helps you feel better, or if you'll be taking pictures
Clothes: Nursing tanks or nursing bras (if nursing); comfy tanks if not nursing; comfy pajama pants or yoga pants once you are mobile enough to put them on; zip-up hoodie
Shoes: Flip-flops for the shower. I don't bring slippers because they tend to get lochia blood dripped on them.
Electronics: Cell phone, charger, earbuds, e-reader/tablet, iPod, etc.
I stash away snacks for hubby. I usually can't eat for at least 24 hrs after my c-sections, but it helps keep him happy.


answers from Wichita on

Chapstick!!! I remember really needing this after having my first baby. I sure remembered it for baby #2!



answers from New York on

I didn't want to pack a lot because I was afraid of losing my belongings or having them misplaced. I did however bring yoga pants, comfy undies (nothing tight on the incision), big t-shirts, soap, a notebook (there's so much to remember), lotion, and a camera. I had a book with me but I didn't have much time to read. I would also consider having a checkbook or card with you for when the photographer comes along! I hope this helps. Of course, if there is anything at home that makes you feel comfortable, you should bring it with you.



answers from Seattle on

The things I was happy I brought for myself were:

Comfy clothes instead of hospital gown
Good book
Favorite blanket



answers from New York on

After I had my daughter, the hospital only had these huge Kotex pads which were so bulky. I am so glad I brought Always overnight pads with me. I enjoyed having my own comfy slippers with me also. I brought a book which was great for the quiet time. Good luck!

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