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Updated on May 28, 2010
H.D. asks from Keller, TX
7 answers

I am 34 weeks pregnant and figure I should probably get my hospital bag together. What all should I pack for myself and my new baby?

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answers from Sacramento on

You really don't need much. I reccomend you pack yourself two bags. The labour bag, and the postpartum bag. Keep the post partum bag in the car. You (your attendant /family member) can swap bags after the delivery.

Post partum bag:

slippers with rubber sole or tread for while you are in the hospital.

Toiletries you cannot live without (tooth brush/paste, comb, etc)

Clean outfit for you when you leave. Something loose and comfortable; materinity clothes that fit mid pregnancy would likely do the trick.

outfit for baby and a spare blanket.

Carseat should aready be in the car.

Labour bag:
What ever labour aides you want to bring for you and your coach.
*Lotions or oils for massage,
*music if you want it,
*your own labouring clothes if you don't want a hospital gown.
*Slippers with a rubber sole or treads that you don't mind getting dirty (think water breaking),
*toothpaste/toothbrush for labour coach
*snacks/beverages (some hospitals have a no food/drink policy for labouring moms...this is still your choice, however) if desired.
*antacids for labour coach and any other meds needed ;)
*Anything else you want during your labour!

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answers from Dallas on

my answer:
What I packed:

camera and battery charger
cell phone

2 zip front nightgowns
3 pair of cotton panties
my pillow and boppy
my pads
deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush, shampoo & cond, hair products, comb, brush, blow dryer, hair band, lip balm!!!, lotion!!
fuzzy slippers to walk the halls

clothes to wear home - day dress & flip flops

take home clothes for baby and blanket

Similar question posted a few weeks ago:

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answers from Washington DC on

I agree with Christina and Jodi.

I'd add.
No tampons!
Your own pads - the largest overnight size you can find and are comforable with.
Tucks pads
3 - 4 pairs of clean socks
ponytail holder/clips
checkbook - if your hospital takes pro pics of the baby.

If you bottle feed, and they give the 2oz ready made bottles, keep the collar part of the disposible nipple (the white hard piece). You can reuse these on any ready-made formula you buy later.



answers from New York on

def get your bag ready now, you will feel so much better once you do. you got great lists here... im gonna tell you what nobody but a good friend would tell you, (mine told me, thank goodness, i had no idea)
-get a BLACK robe, black comfy stretchy sleep shorts, and black lightweight stretchy sleep pants. big black underwear that you are willing to just throw out.(i got all of it at target) are in a hospital bed with everyone you know in the room, taking pictures too. you are bleeding all over the place (i bled more than most, but still...). and then you have to get up and go pee. again. you get the picture. and on that same lovely note, bring your own pads, the longest overnight ones you can find.
-i was thrilled to have a nursing bra.
-tank tops are great too, you might be reeeally hot after delivery.
-warm socks, you might be really cold during labor.
-shower flip flops. (take a shower as soon as you are able, you wont believe how much better you will feel)
-lip balm and extra lip balm for labor and delivery.
-we were sooo thankful with my first baby that hubby brought a little dvd player, it was a long labor and the hospital got like 5 channels. we watched the princess bride :) it was perfect, distracting happy funny...
-an extra camera if you can for when your sister drops yours on the floor :)
-those little noxema or stridex pads, a little hand mirror, some gum, the lipbalm, and a ponytail and headband are great for freshening up in bed.
-another word of advice, if hubby or whoever is taking pics in the delivery room and decides to post them all over the internet while in a state of delirious happiness and pride and 15 min of sleep, be sure that someone sane reviews those pics first to make sure that there are no body parts of yours in the background that you might not want all over the internet.
-most important, be flexible and have faith in your amazing body. you are so lucky :) i wish you all the best, its just amazing...



answers from San Francisco on

Hi H.,

Pack light! Underwear, make-up (if your ware it),toiletries,gown, robe, slippers, comfortable street clothes for when you come home and will weigh less, camera, new baby outfit and blanket(the hospital will provide the diapers for baby and pads for you). Of course you know about the carseat requirement.




answers from Washington DC on

It should be mostly things for you to do while in labor and your own toiletries. The hospital will provide everything for the baby. However, if you want you can also pack softer blankies than they provide (should still be stretchy and thin though so you can use them for swaddling) and a diaper bag for the trip home if it's a long one. Make sure to include a "going home" outfit for baby that is season appropriate.

Also, if you plan to breastfeed and it's possible you'll be in the hospital for a few days, take a manual pump with you and some of the breastmilk storage bags made by Gerber. With my second baby my milk came in while we were still in the hospital and I was in agony. He wasn't really interested in eating much yet since he was still in the sleep cycle that they go into for the first few days after birth, and when he was interested I was too engorged to make it very easy for him. I wished I had my pump with me every minute of every day! I ended up using the hospital's, but it wasn't very helpful since I prefer manual pumps. I pumped four full feedings worth of milk the second we got home! :)

Take a Boppy pillow with you. It can go a LONG way toward making both you and baby more comfortable whether you are BFing or bottle feeding. Make sure to take extra slip-covers for it.

Take your make-up if you feel like you can't stand to have your pic taken without it.

Take sports bras instead of nursing bras. Sports bras give enough support without underwires (which can contribute to plugged ducts especially in the beginning) and sports bras will be much more comfortable for you during your stay. In fact, I've never used nursing bras. I've always been in sports bras and I've always been super comfy. It's easy to just pull it up on the side you're nursing on.

Take some t-shirts for yourself that are at least one size larger than usual and some comfy pajama pants. I was WAY more comfortable in the hospital with my own pj's.

Take your own bath robe and slippers if you want

If you've got it, take an iPod full of your favorites for labor. Also if you choose take a deck of cards, a good book, a portable DVD player with some of your favorite, engrossing movies (like Pride and Prejudice or something). Really anything that you think you could use to take your mind off of labor for a little while.

Take some non-perishable snacks for you and dad like granola bars and self-contained fruit like oranges etc.. Even if you're not allowed to eat during labor and delivery (every hospital is different it seems) you'll still have some for later. They'll only bring three meals a day in the maternity ward so you'll probably get hungry in between meals. You'll have to pack this stuff right when you go though, or have dad run out and grab it after you get checked in.

Of course, don't forget the camera and camcorder. Make sure the batteries are charged and ready to go.

Some hospitals allow moms to use a hand mirror to watch delivery. It can help motivate moms that are tired of pushing. Pack one in case your hospital allows this.

Don't forget the tennis balls so dad can give a good counter-pressure massage during bad contractions.

And if you still have room after all of that, take your favorite snuggly blanket and pillow with you for the recovery room.


Edit: I forgot to mention your own panties and pads, but another mom remembered. This is important. The disposable stuff the hospital provides is majorly uncomfortable.

Congratulations and best of luck for a happy and healthy delivery!



answers from Pittsburgh on

When my water broke (2 weeks early) my hubby was out of state golfing!!! My mom was at my house and she said "where's you bag...?" I was like...."uh...not packed yet?" She was freaking. We turned to the list in What To Expect book & went down the list& packed in about 1.6 seconds! hahaha

That said--you've got great advice for the "nuts & bolts" stuff but I'd like to mention that the food from the hospital was HORRIBLE and I several times got the stuff I didn't I would say pack some FOOD! Snacks, fruit, juice, whatever, for after delivery. You will be wanting something yummy. Good luck!

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