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Updated on January 26, 2011
G.S. asks from Lexington, KY
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About 3 months ago a package was delivered to me from a huge online store so I know it couldn't be a scam-this is a HIGHLY shopped online store around he world and I do order many things from them. When I opened it up it, it had someone elses name and address inside the package so it obviously wrongly address on the outside of the package. I did not pay for it nor is it on my account when I look online. Its still in the box and I've been waiting for them to contact me.....any advice on what to do....

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So What Happened?

Returned to retailer!

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answers from Harrisburg on

I think you should do the right thing and send it back, So it can be sent to the correct person. Someone paid for it expecting to get it.

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answers from Provo on

Is there a brick and mortar store nearby? If so I would then take it there. If there isn't call the customer service and find out what happened and how it was shipped to you. Do you still have the receipt? If so they should be able to look up who really bought it.

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answers from Lexington on

Contact the post office. My mother has been waiting for a package from Coldwater Creek for weeks now and the post office can't seem to find it. They will be able to get it sent to the correct person. Wouldn't that be wonderful if you had her package! Ha!

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answers from Austin on

Call them and tell then you need an return tag for it. It is not yours.
It was a mistake and someone (consumers) pay for these mistakes.

The true character of a person applies even when no one is looking..

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Norfolk on

For one delivery mistake I'd contact the company and ask them what to do about it. They can have it picked up. I wouldn't pay for shipping it anywhere.
If the address is near to where you are (next block over), you could drop it off otherwise you have no idea where it needs to go and it's not up to you to drive all over town to deliver it.
Years ago, my Mom ordered a globe, a telescope and a pair of binoculars from a mail order place for Christmas. The items came and she thought nothing more about it. Two weeks later, the same order was shipped again. She called the company, told them she already had received her order and shipped the items back. Another 2 weeks go by and yet another order of the same items were shipped. She called and returned it again and was beginning to get mad. Her credit card was not being charged over and over, but their computer was stuck and kept sending the same order over and over and over. It was beginning to cost her too much in shipping to send the things back. She tried her best to get it fixed. After awhile she just kept the items. After she had about half a dozen sets of globes, telescopes and binoculars the shipments finally stopped. Next Christmas all our family friends with kids got globes, telescopes and binoculars.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Oh I agree with the first advice. what you do when noone is looking is a TRUE judge of character.
It wouldnt even be a question. If the address inside the box was in my area, i would probably deliver it to them (after checking my credit cards) however the best thing to do is verify your Credit cards for charges, then call the merchant and tell them what happend. they will send you a return label and you can ship it back.

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answers from Dallas on

I work for a company that does shipping - you have no idea what our great customer service department goes through when packages are misdelivered! Since it's apparent it's not a gift, it really isn't a personal lost and found for you. The manufacturer pays for it in the end. What if you ordered something and didn't receive it, only to find out someone else felt it was theirs to keep (especially around the holidays)?

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answers from St. Louis on

If its not yours and you didnt pay for it, why would it be safe to say its yours? You should have called about it 3 months ago.

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answers from Eugene on

3 months ago would have been the beginning of Christmas shopping time....that could have been someone's gift. It may have your name on the outside of the box on the shipping label. But on the invoice it isn't your name. Do you know the person on the invoice? If you do know the person on the invoice then I would contact them and ask them about it. If you don't know the person on the invoice then it would clearly belong to them and not you.
If you are feeling guilty about keeping the package then you should call the shipping company and have it picked back up. And it's called a "Call Tag". If it's UPS - their number is - 1-800-742-5877....give them the tracking number and they will take it from there.
If it was me - I would have done this right after I received the package and send it back....but that's's not mine....

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answers from Dallas on

Oh my goodness, you KNOW it's not yours. Return it...geez. Do you have children? Be the example and do what you would tell them to do.

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answers from Boston on

How can you think it's right to keep something that is not yours!!!!!
Edited: funny how people change their original question after they realize how incredibly wrong they are or don't agree with peoples answers :)

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answers from Lincoln on

No, its not yours. Call the company and let them know it was delivered to you by mistake. Then give them name and address that was on the inside and ask them what they'd like to do. It may be cheaper for them to let you keep it (depending on what it is) then pay for you to return it to them.

I know its tempting, but do the right thing.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Contact the company, let them know of the mistake and ask what they would like you to do (some may say thanks for letting us know keep it since they would have to pay for shipping it may be cheapier to resend it to the correct person, may say send it back with them crediting your account for whatever amouth you spent on shipping, whatever). It is the RIGHT THING TO DO.

EDIT: When you first posted the question you did not mention you contacted the company... keep trying or return to sender as someone else mentioned.

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answers from Chicago on

Nope. It's not yours. Return it.

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answers from New York on

So you think it's the old finders keepers losers weepers thing going on there? You aren't a kid and you didn't find a dollar on the ground. Not yours. Give the company a call and have them arrange for it to be picked up and returned at no cost to you. I think it's hysterical that you would take the time to go on line to find if you were charged for this box of stuff and when you found you weren't you decided that it was yours.

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answers from Missoula on

You seem to understand that it is not yours, since you didn't pay for it or order it. You also don't mention that the person whose name was on the inside of the package was someone you know and might expect a gift from. How could this package possibly be yours?
When I got married, I registered with a large retailer and received a very generous gift of 5 (five!) expensive appliances from a friend of my husband's mother. These gifts were shipped to my home. The catch is that each appliance was shipped twice. So instead of receiving one blender, one coffee maker, one juicer etc. I got two of each. It was clear to me that this was a shipping error, and I never even considered keeping what would have been several hundred dollars of kitchen stuff. I contacted the company and they arranged to have the extra items shipped back at their expense, and they sent me a gift card to thank me for being honest.
People make mistakes, and this applies to people employed by the shipping departments of huge online stores. Call the company and explain what happened. Be honest, even when no one is watching.
ETA--I can see that the question has been changed since I posted my response. You now mention that you are waiting for the company to contact you but don't indicate how you let them know that the package wasn't yours. Did you call or email, or are you just assuming that they will have figured it out by now?

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answers from Stockton on

UMMM - NO - it's NOT didn't pay for it. You should've called the company right away and returned it.

Unless you know the person whose name is on the inside and think it may be a gift. but from the sound of your post, that is not the case.

In my opinion - you are stealing!!

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answers from Chicago on

What would you want your kids to do if presented with the same problem?

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answers from Dover on

Do you know the person's whose name was on the inside? If so, did they send you a gift? If not, I would call the company and tell them that you received a package. Let them figure it out. If they don't want you to keep it, they will send UPS to pick it up.

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answers from Louisville on

3 motnhs ago?!?!! DUH!!! contact the company. good lord

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would 'return to sender' just because of the fact that someday you might find a charge on your account or some sort of scam.

whatever you do, don't waste a ton of time on it. Time is money and this isn't your mistake to deal with.

I have enjoyed reading the high and mighty responses. They gave me a good laugh.

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answers from Sacramento on

No it's not yours. Did you pay for it? It has someone else's name and address on it so CLEARLY it was intended for someone else and a mistake was made. This was 3 months ago?

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answers from Atlanta on

You should return it. They obviously had a glitch and mistakenly put the wrong label on the box. I'm sure they've been round and round with the person whose name is inside the box and has probably called and called and finally found out it was delivered to the wrong address. Even though you didn't walk into a store and "take" it -this is awfully close to stealing. Things of this nature are why goods cost ALL of us more money! Yes, it was their mistake, but it's up to decent people to do the right thing. If you were shopping in a store and a pair of gloves or socks or a DVD fell off a shelf into your bag -would you put it back? I hope so!

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answers from New York on

Return it. There is someone out there who is very unhappy because their Christmas gifts did not arise. Why have you waited so long.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Have you checked your credit cards lately to make sure that it didn't post on one of your cards? A very common scam is to use someone else's credit cards, but then try to ship it to a different address then the cc billing address. Some companies won't ship to different address's than the billing address, so maybe that's how it ended up at your place.
My story - one day a big box got deliverd to my house. When I opened it up, it was full of about 9 blood pressure pumps, each valued at over $100! Someone had somehow stolen my husband's cc #, ordered these pumps and then tried to ship them somewhere else. Luckily for us, this online store had the policy of ONLY to ship to the billing address so we found out about it.
You need to check you credit cards. If you find it on your billing statement, you will need to call them and also call the company who sent this to you. My guess is that this is some kind of scam. If it's not a scam, you should not keep it anyway. Call the company and they will issue a "call tag" and come pick it back up.

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answers from Nashville on

Call them and tell them that you received a box that is not yours and ask them how you can send it back to them without having to pay shipping. Then joke with them saying, "or you can let me have it".... karma is not good so I would not keep it without trying to return it.

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answers from Houston on

I had a bunch of stuff from apple online shipped to me last year. Ipad stuff. I talked to apple they told me it was a mistake and to keep it. They said that since the person who bought it didnt get it that they would be reimbursed, and the stuff i had could either be returned or kept. lol. I thought maybe i was being set up, i thought that someone stole someones credit card numbers then had it sent to me and that they were gonna rob me. i filed a report with the police, then put empty boxes on the doorstep, taped up to see if anyone took it. They never did.

These companys would rather you keep it than admit a mistake, tarnishing some sort of reputation. i called them again before i decided to keep itThey told me it was probably a secret gift and that i should keep it.

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answers from Washington DC on


The right thing to do would be to send it back.

You should be able to ship it back at no charge...if you can't - then contact the company and let them know that they put the wrong shipping label on the package and you are trying to return it to them...

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answers from Chattanooga on

I see most people have missed that you have contacted customer service. My take is if they don't get back keep it. You did say your name was on the outside packaging. I have gotten gifts from friends that had my address on the outside but their invoice on the inside. And most places will tell you .. that even though THEY messed up shipping YOU have to pay for delivery and they want it sent the most expensive way possible.Just curious what was it?



answers from Huntsville on

I would expect that they would give you some sort of instructions to return it to them at no cost to you. If you don't hear from them in a few days, you might try calling their customer service number (I'm assuming you are waiting for a reply through email right now).

Very weird though!



answers from Los Angeles on

NO! lol, give it back, you have the name and address.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Call the company and explain. They will send you a "call tag" to have it picked up at your house.



answers from Allentown on

HI G.,
I also order many things from online stores, and have received wrong orders or items. Usually, when I call it in to customer service, they will simply send out the correct items and tell me to keep the others- but I let that be their call. Also I let them know ASAP so that the poor person waiting for their order isn't left waiting and they can immediately send another order out. Especially if it is household staples that they need! I know how I look forward to getting my dishsoap- sometimes I am down to the last load! I'm glad you contacted the company- not sure why they couldn't have helped you right away or why they wouldn't have called back. how long ago did you call them? I would try contacting them again!



answers from Chicago on

Oh please send it back, years ago I ordered something and complained, never got it, etc. etc. About eight months later a flakey neighbor bumped into me from around the block and forgot that she had my box by mistake!!! Yikes.



answers from New York on

do the right thing. contact customer service.


answers from Cleveland on

3 months ago? Like not to long before Christmas? So you have a package that someone may have ordered for Christmas and you're asking if you should keep it or just wait for them to contact you. Have you contacted them? You don't say you did so you expect them to just call up if they don't know?

I know what I just wrote may sound rude, but really? Call them up, tell them you have it, and send it back...and maybe take down the name and address of who it is supposed to go to and write them an apology note for keeping it so long.

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