Pack N Play Wanted

Updated on May 29, 2008
N.W. asks from Loganville, GA
6 answers

I am in great need of a pack n play that is in great condition for my toddler. Want to pay a fraction of the cost that retail demands. Used is fine. Help.

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answers from Atlanta on

Try consignment sales. This is the time for consignment sales. However, before you buy one do you have a friend you could borrow one from to make sure your child likes it? My son hated his pack n play. I would load it up with all of his favortie toys and he would sit there and scream. If I tried to lay him down for a nap in it even after he had already fallen asleep he would wake up screaming. We ended up using ours for a toy box.

Good Luck


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answers from Atlanta on

Hey I have a pac n play you can use ,by the way how are you doing? K. M DAYCARE PROVIDER.



answers from Atlanta on

I wish I could say that I still had mine, I would gladly send it your way. But if you like consignment sales they always have great deals. Go to You can pull up local sales in your area and always get great deals. I went to 2 last weekend and spent very little on summer clothes for both of my boys. It was great. Hope this helps.



answers from Atlanta on

Go to Crib-it down town.

I got 2 of them there for under 50 each and they were in great shape.




answers from Atlanta on

Are you still in need of the pack and play. We are cleaning out our attic and have something similiar that may help. Email me at if interested. I am in lawrenceville ga



answers from Atlanta on

Are you still looking for a pack n play. I have an almost new one I will sell for $40.00.

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