Pack-N-Play = Safezone... or It Was...

Updated on December 16, 2010
C.M. asks from Whitehall, PA
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In order to get things done around the house, sometimes it is nesessary to put down your newborn... this can be complicated when you have a very loving (though sometimes overzealous) 2 year old in the house as well...

Up until now my husband and I have been using the Pack-N-Play as a way to move freely when we need to... Putting the newborn in there for belly time or nap in order to keep her safe from the 2 year old when we need to turn our back...

This worked wonderfully until today...

My 2 year old has aquired a new skill... climbing into the Pack-N-Play to "snuggle" with her sister...

I was wondering if anyone knew of someplace we could buy a "lid/ or "cover" for the Pack-N-Play to see if we can prolong its use for seperating the kids...

This is by no means somthing that we do to "go" to far from the kids... just would nee to be something strong enough to allow us to turn our backs for a moment or 2....

Thanks Mommas


P.S. we do have baby gates seperating the rooms of our house... but the main body of our downstairs is a greatroon (living and dining roon and play room all rolled together) so using gates to seperate only works for a short time if at all... this would be for when we are all together in the same room but I'm trying to get some cleaning done or something... (oh and to keep the toys from going into the Pack-N-Play (that does happen a good bit... and it can get ugly)

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answers from Denver on

I suggest baby gates in one room (to contain the 2 yo) with the pack & play in another. That's what we did. We had the same issue, PLUS throwing toys "to" (at) the baby....including wooden blocks...


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Pack and play does make a pack n play sport that has a top! We used this for the same purpose. It does have a zippered door at the bottom that we faced towards the wall! I have one in the garage if this is an option for you? Best of luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I know you'll hate this answer, but it does work. Just stop what you are doing and join them. The house won't be as clean, you'll eat frozen pizza more, but their faces will light up if you "show" them how to play. I'm guessing your newborn is a few months old now? Mine are 8 months and 3-1/2 years and the only place they don't share is his crib. She is in his room now entertaining him for me so I can check email, but the rest of the day is off:) We'll probably end up on the floor, learning how to play with each other. The big one now knows it is unacceptable to pull the little one around by the arm, and the little one is learning not to pull hair! But we are trying to teach them how to play with each other, so if I have to clean a toilet or chop up something for dinner, I can supervising by hearing if not seeing.

I prefer to have my house just so, but I've been giving myself a break, realizing they are only this size once. It is really helping my sanity...try it:)

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answers from Philadelphia on

You need to teach your toddler not to climb in the pack-n-play. By finding something to cover it up isn't teaching her anything and you may end up with an accident waiting to happen. My son is also 2 and I haven't had to do much babyproofing because I've always tried to teach him what not to touch... but in a nice way. Like when he is interested in the outlets, I'll tell him that only an adult can touch it and it's not for little kids. So maybe if you start by telling your toddler that when the baby is in the pack-n-play, she can only look and not climb inside because it's not safe, etc. and if she doesn't listen then you'll do whatever or she will get X taken away. You can also get your toddler involved in what your doing to. As much as I'd like to be able to do some things myself, my son likes to help to so I let him and it makes him feel good about himself. I'm expecting a baby in a few days so I'm hoping that I'll be able to imply the same techniques to keep him from getting too close to the baby. Good luck.


answers from Cleveland on

baby gates or maybe put the wee one in a chair instead of a pack N play?
Talking to your 2year old is also a big help.
I have a 2 y/o son and a 3 month old lil girl. So I know how you feel. My DS LOVES his baby sister but in my opinion I'd rather do things one handed while holding the baby then taking the chance of something dangerous happening.



answers from Detroit on

As far as I know the only product they make to cover a pack n play is a net (I looked up pack n play hard cover and got nothing), which would definitely not work, but you could put up a gate to keep the baby safe in her/your room while do what you need to do.


answers from Williamsport on

2 years old is plenty old to learn not to go in the Pack n Play (or anything else) if you say so. You can also teach not to throw toys into it. We didn't even child proof our house and we had this age spread with 3 kids each 2 years apart. They didn't head for the stairs, the outlets, the stove, the Christmas tree etc. Since they responded to "NO" we could take them anywhere, and they wouldn't yank on people's hair or glasses or mess with everything in stores etc. Tell the 2 year old "No" and enforce. You can also be sure the only toys near the Pack n Play are safe ones in case the 2 year old still shoots the occasional basket.



answers from Washington DC on

We used to do the same thing. Oh the sanity!

I would just try to let her see what would happen if she climbs in. The pen falling over. Her getting hurt. Baby getting hurt, etc.

Maybe setup a play area outside/next to the playpen for her?

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