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Updated on October 11, 2010
K.P. asks from Palmer, MA
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My 16 month old weighs 22 pounds and is 33 inches long is starting to grow out of his travel playyard. He needs sides all around it. Anyone have any suggestions??

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So What Happened?

Good suggestions..I am actually using it for sleeping and not very often just for sleep overs at grammys or grandma and grandpas and or if we go to friends houses etc...My son has special needs so I won't be using it to confide him and he really isn't moving around all that much to baby proof. He is army crawling and scooting so we have a gate at the top of the stairs for when he is roaming and exploring. I just need something for the sleep overs. I suppose I could keep using it he just looks uncomfortable hitting himself with the mesh sides etc..He does need that protection I think just like his crib..guess it doesn't hurt to explore..Just don't know if there is anything bigger out there??

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answers from Modesto on

He's really getting too old to be confined... time for you to childproof enough that you can trust him to be okay as he roams and explores. Haha, let the fun times begin!

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answers from Seattle on

Now are you using the pack'n'play for a safe area for him to play? or do you have one with the bassinet attachment that he still sleeps in? Sorry, but Im confused.

We were using our pack'n'play for a play area for our twins until the space was just too limited for them. we went to walmart and purchased a larger versatile play yard. i love has six panels that fold up accordian style so it doesnt take up alot of space. its not too small for the two of can be outdoors and indoors....and you can add extra panels to it. i think we paid roughly $50 including tax for it.
the only thing i dont like is that my son doesnt like being confine to it (same age as your guy) and so he pushes againt one wall of the playyard until it gets dragged across the floor..but that is something that can be worked on. its called the superyard xt..i am not sure if this is what you are looking for..but hopefully it helps.

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answers from Kansas City on

we used it until our kid was almost 3, she sleeps curled in a ball anyway so it didnt bother her.



answers from Providence on

If you have a travel size yard it will be a lot smaller. Go to a website like that has a lot of different ones and compare the sizes. I clicked on a few and looked under "Additional Info" and it gave the sizes. I saw a difference as much as 5 inches in width between some. Good luck and good for you for looking for an option that will keep him safe and comfy.



answers from Honolulu on

What are you using it for? For sleep or to contain him?

The Super Yard Play yard... has panels that you can connect together to make as big a space as you want.
Try that.

Any "travel" type apparatus, will not be full sized, enough. Because it is only for travel. So it will be too small.

Next, a kid this age, needs to explore and roam.
I would, start to baby proof your home, already, He is at that age. And a child needs to walk around and by doing so, in the home, they will 'learn' other concepts about what is and what is not, 'safe" with your supervision.

If for sleeping, put him in a crib. My son, slept in his crib until 3 years old, and he is a big tall boy.

all the best,


answers from Rochester on

My younger son slept in the pack-n-play until he could climb out. We used it as a crib in our room (perfectly fine) until he was about a year and moved into the regular crib in his brother's room, but we kept up with the pack-n-play for naptime as long as possible (they never napped well together).

If you're just trying to contain him for playtime, I would strongly recommend finding a pressure gate and having a really safe and contained room for him. Our downstairs is open and we can't gate off areas like the kitchen, so our kids have had the run of the downstairs and we just have everything latched and made as safe as possible with a gate to the stairs. He is a little old to be contained like that for play unless you're doing something like remodelling and can't let him on the floor.



answers from Boston on

I am late in responding but it sounds like you are using it just for sleeping - in that case I would recommend you get a portable crib.

Ours was $100 at Walmart and it's GREAT - it's the same dimensions as a pack n play but taller so he won't tip it over.

My little one is 39 inches tall and 32 lbs (she just turned 3) and we use it on vacations, no problem.



answers from Providence on

If you're only using it for travel sleeping, then bring some extra blankets and throw them on the floor. I never thought this would work with my young son, but when we stayed at a place with no crib and we had no option, it worked. Now we know we can go anyplace with a few blankets or sleeping bag and he will sleep. Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

PP makes a good has he out-grown it? I never used a PnP for play time. I thought it seemed cruel to confine my kids to an area that small. But I used it for sleep when we traveled. My sons both used their PnP no matter how big they were until they realized they could climb out of them (around 2 years old). No, now that I think about it, they still slept in it after they could climb out, we just put them in our room so we heard when they were awake and got them before they climbed out and got into anything. My 2.5-year-old still sleeps in one at my parents because there isn't a better place for him. But he sleeps on an air mattress or in a pull-out at my in-laws'.



answers from Boston on

Invest in some free standing babygates that you can build up in a large space.

My kids never played in a play yard, though, so you could also "overly" baby proof one room and let him explore that place.



answers from Hartford on

How often do you use it? My twins are very tall almost 3 year olds and will still sleep in it at a grandparents house or on vacation and they are 40 inches. No complaints from them yet.

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